Do you guarantee the shrubs that you plant?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 32vld, Apr 27, 2014.

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    Dog pee can kill it, a soccer ball can kill it, over/under watering can kill it, a whole container of "Sluggo" can kill it, planting on soil with way too much Pre can kill it.....

    I love fake flowers.

    I put 3 flats of Marrigolds @ a clients house last week. Pool guy shut the water off for what ever reason and the sprinklers dint run for a week. Wanna guess what happened to all the flowers that went in the day before? They were so dry, you couldn't even see all of them.
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  2. Yup....exactly. Unless the customer has me doing the maintenance I will not warranty bc 99% of the time a plant will fail due to stupidity or forces out of my control. I NEVER guarantee a plant that is transplanted either. Most of our stuff here will survive a transplant, but you never know.
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  3. whiffyspark

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    Same here. I'll tell a customer there's an 85% chance it will be fine and they'll be like huh? What if it dies?
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    Just stumbled on this thread and it got me thinking.. Im supposed to go do an estimate tonight for a woman who said that she had someone install some plants and flowers last year that didnt make it through the winter. She said in the message she was upset the other company didnt "stand by" their work. So im thinking one of the 1st questions is if I provide any type of warranty. Im torn on this as I may not get the job if I dont offer one. I was thinking to just offer it until the end of this year and not make any garantees for next year...

    Also, do any of you guys provide documentation to clients on the care of the new plants that are installed? I was thinking its prob not hard to just print something out and give it to each client....
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    If you price the job right, prep the soil right, buy good stock, you should have no problems and if a plant does die you priced the job to cover any plant loss.
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    I just include it with their bill, it has the warrenty I get from the nursery, and care instructions, and clearly states that if you don't water it regularly, it's void. I also let them know in person, water it a few times a week if it doesn't rain. If they die from no water, I'm not going to do anything about it.

    People are really lazy, and can be really stupid. You need to make sure that they understand that not just yours, but every warrenty is void if you cause it's death.
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  7. cotyledon

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    We do 2 year warranty on every thing from trees to grass seed for automatic water, 1 year with out . Always plant right plant for right spot. Our price is 2.4 x what we pay includes location ,delevery, planting,& warranty. Works for us I think it looks professional on the bill too
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  8. TandCLandscape

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    How about the labor to reinstall the warrantied plant? Do you charge for the labor portion to replace?
  9. hudsonhawk

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    I never had any issues with this until we had such a brutal winter last year that killed several plantings we did. Most customers understood that there was no warranty from the nursery. A few didn't want to hear that and I replaced them for free. From now on I will either offer them a warranty and charge them more for it or I no warranty and they can get it cheaper. Something tells me they will not forget to water if they know there is no warranty. I don't offer warranty on sod or seed either. That is asking for huge headaches.
  10. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I don't warranty sod, seed, trees, shrubs, plants that are not properly cared for. In fact I don't think anyone does.
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