Do you guys mow diagonals, or is is too time consuming?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zo6, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. dutchacres

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    The pic looks awesome! What are you cutting that with? I bought a new pro v scag and I am not very impressed with its stripes. I have had deere for the past 5 years and they strip awesome. Looks good man keep up the good work!!!!
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  2. Richard Martin

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    Ornamec will take it and a lot of other grasses out of beds. It may take more than one application over time. When I lived in MD I used Lesco Prosecutor to kill it and just about anything else the Prosecutor would touch. Ornamec is designed to only kill grasses and can be sprayed on other plants with little to no effect. Please read the directions before use.

    I had a customer with a bad infestation of Burmuda in a huge Lariope bed. It took 3 applications of Ornamec to wipe the Burmuda out. 2 apps over the course of a summer and 1 final app the next spring to get what was left of the Burmuda.
  3. dishboy

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    Mowers that stripe heavily are great for covering up the mediocre cut quality of heavy long mowers . Alternate cutting directions does help with changing the grain of the grass so the grass stands up which aids in future cut quality, but is quickly diminished in the heavily striped grass. Just my opinion .
  4. cutbetterthanyou

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    I've tryed the ornamec it seemed to start to work but not kill it completely, guess like you said maybe a few more apps will do it. Was the ornamec called over the top or over the hedge or something like that? That was the one i tried.
  5. Richard Martin

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    I use the brand Ornamec. It should tell you in the instructions that it will probably take more than one app. It's also best applied when the Burmuda is actively growing. During droughts, end of the year etc would probably be bad times to apply it.
  6. cutbetterthanyou

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    Thats funny that you say that because lesco told me the exact oppisite. They said to apply it when it is getting ready to go dormet and then in the spring right after it is coming out. Guess i should have read it instead of listening to them. The brand i used was ornamec ,but the product was over the something. It was a few years ago.
  7. Richard Martin

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    I got up, walked over and read the small print under the word Ornamec. It does say "Over The Top". You also have to mix in a surfactant. My Ornamec came with a 2 ounce bottle of Gordon's Aqua-Zorb CA.
  8. Thanksman

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    So, I priced a lawn today. The customer wants the lawn mowed in a square. around primiter inward ,no lines. and I will cut it how she wants it. I just think lines are more proffesional, any of you mow this way? ty:usflag:
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Yes have cpl people that dont like the lines
  10. zo6

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    yes but with twice as many stripes

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