Do you guys offer bee/wasp control???

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I've gotten pretty good at knowing where the bees/wasps are going to be on a property and was thining about adding it to my services. Maybe advertise that we will spend 1/2 hour on the property (depending on size) and kill all the bees/wasps/hornets we find for like $50-$100.

What do you guys think?

Anyone ready for springtime? I'm sick of vacationing. I'm ready to work!!!


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Same here. HIGHLY allergic. Almost died already once in a yard. I offer/demand these services for free. Keep more than one can of spray in truck at all times. Have two kinds, one that I can spray anywhere, and one that I can spray on plants and in bushes.

I'd prefer to be attacked by a bear protecting her young.:eek:
Well it depends on if i am on a contract property, or a one time job property. If its a contract i will usually treat the nest for nothing, just for my own safety since we are there alot, one time job property ill ask if they want to spend an extra few bucks to take care of the problem.

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Walla Walla, WA
It seems like most people are super afraid of them (or allergic...or both!). That's what got me to start thinking about adding the service. I don't like getting stung, but they are fairly predictable, so as long as you are careful you can kill them fairly easily. Only got stung once last year, and I killed about 500 of them so those are pretty good odds. It was a badlfaced that got me, and it hurt real bad, finger swelled up for three days!
I think I might be able to make some good cash from it...we'll see.

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I got into a nest last year - 15 stings, while running I tore a calf muscle, slows a walking mower guy a tad. I also keep a couple of cans of "good bye" bees in the truck. I think I would leave removal to a professional. Out here there is a service that removes them for free and he then sells the venom for medicine.



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In Oh. if you advertise as an exterminator or offer the services of one you better be lisc. and ins. for it. I get rid of them i even did a post on how to use a fire extinguiser to apply seven dust, kills fast, but I don't advertise the service its just something I will discuss with the customer it would be best to let me get rid of them for there safty and mine, of course a small fee would be charged for hazardous duty.


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