Do you have market value or replacement insurance, do you even know. You need to

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Az Gardener, Apr 10, 2011.

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    A couple of weeks ago one of my dump trucks was totaled. Now that we are getting down to it what the insurance company is offering is much less than what it will take to replace the vehicle. They tell me my insurance is "market value" meaning they just have to pay me what an "independent" market evaluator determines the vehicle is worth.

    Once you get beyond typical vehicles like cars and pick up trucks there is no blue buck so they have these evaluators look at your vehicle and then try and find similar vehicles to evaluate the value of your vehicle.

    I'm here in Phoenix and after the crash I began searching for a replacement 14" cab over dump w/ a turbo diesel and 30-K miles Nothing with less than 100-K in Phx,Tucson, Vegas, La basin, San Diego, Denver, or Salt lake. Pretty broad search. The valuation guy found a diesel in Fontana Ca.with 90-K and a 10' dump bed with electric hoist and 16" wood sides a far cry from my rig with hydraulic hoist and 4' steel sides and a roll tarp. That vehicle is 16-K so using that as a starting point he extrapolates that my vehicle would have a market value of 23-K. Except I cant find a similar vehicle even to buy. I was 18 months from having that vehicle paid off and having at least 10 years of of trouble free use with no payments. You all know what that does for your bottom line. We only put 6-8 K miles per year on our rigs.

    So here I am left with about 10-K after they pay off the note. New trucks are in the 40's for a cab & chassis and I cant find squat with less than 100-K miles. Just the bed like my rig had is 12-K :dizzy: :dizzy: anyway the moral of the story is if I had "replacement " insurance they would of had to replace my vehicle with a like vehicle even if that meant buying a cab and chassis or box truck and having a bed built for it. So if you have anything beyond a pick up you may want to look into replacement insurance for your vehicle.
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    Many years ago I had a friend that lost everything in a fire....he had market value insurance. I took that lesson to heart....replacement insurance is the only way to go. IMHO Unfortunately I myself have had to use that insurance and man was I glad I had what was needed.

    Good luck.
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    Lat month my denali was totaled. Even though it was the other drivers I still didn't get full replacement value. They basically gave me the NADA trade-in value, which was b.s., Insurance Co told me to file a small claim against the other driver and his insurance directly since he was found at fault and cited. I filed at the court house and 6 business days later I received a letter from his insurance saying they would cut me a check for the difference

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