Do you have to get wet to install inlet/filter for pump?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mcclureandson, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. mcclureandson

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    I've got a 7.5 hp pump station ready to install lakeside at one our of commercial properties...and the water is very cold this time of year. I always have a hard time getting the debris screen/filter assembly into the water w/out looking like a fool...

    We're routing it along the peirs of an existing swimdock and then out perhaps another thirty-forty feet into deeper water. Anyone have any tips on this process? It'll be a 3" inlet w/traditional filter screen and base. What is an effective means of preventing the pipe from 'floating' as you extend it into the water? Does anyone else attach weights/blocks along the line as it extends into the water? Is my only option a wetsuit?

    I'm hoping to avoid the comedy of errors that normally occurs. Thanks.
  2. speedbump

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    What is a traditional screen?

    The pipe if PVC or Poly should sink when the air is pulled out.

  3. DeepRoots

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    for lakes I use two 45degree fittings.
    it is enough to lift it 18inches off the bottom.

    If the pipe floats, fill it with water.

    although many will disagree, a PVC union is a nifty thing in a feed pipe. Easy for annual mantainance. Just make sure it's sealed up and doesn't leak.
  4. Wet_Boots

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    If you do decide to go with the comedy of errors, take some photos! :p
  5. PurpHaze

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    With a waterproof camera. :laugh:
  6. mcclureandson

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    That's what I'm talking about...I've never had much problem with smaller inlets off of 1-2 hp pumps for residential systems. You can pretty much just shove those out into the lake. But the last time I tried to feed a 3" pvc pipe a hundred feet out into deep water, with the waves coming in and a cold wind blowing...well, it wasn't pretty. I know I'm not doing this right...somehow I never figured this part of the install out. I get it done - sure. But could I have some tips on making it go more smoothly. Dumb questions for you think I'm trying to get it out there too far? My thought was it should be 18 - 24" off the bottom but still deep enough below the surface to avoid a motor's props. Do you guys weight your inlets down? Is it easier for a long inlet to assemble and glue it on shore and feed it into the lake as one long piece or fill it w/water and glue as you go along? Lake wind advisory the next two days w/showers and a high of 45...
  7. Ed G

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    I used to live on a small lake and once did this for garden irrigation. Sucked up lake water with an old swimming pool pump and had old galvanized piping spraying water from overhead, down onto the garden. Looked like hell but I got some awesome cabbage :)

    I assembled the entire length of 2" pvc inlet pipe in my back yard (well point was my inlet filter).

    I tied one end of a three foot rope to the pipe and the other end to a boat anchor.

    Put the pipe and anchor into a small row boat, went out to the length of pipe and dropped her overboard.
  8. jerryrwm

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    How deep is the water at the end of the boat dock? Do you really need the extra 30-40 feet? You will need to fill the suction line with water so that it does not trap any air. You can use a boat to take the suction intake out to where you need it, and the place it in the water. Don't forget to put a rope from the suction end to the shore so you can retreive it when you need to.
    Question. Why are you putting suction line in the water this time of year? Most are pulling them out for the winter. While it might not freeze in your area, are they going to get that much use out of it between now and spring?
  9. mcclureandson

    mcclureandson LawnSite Member
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    I'm doing it this time of year because I want to complete the install...suppose it makes sense to put it far enough out to run zones/test whatever I need to and then run it out to it's final position in the spring. No worry about freezing here.

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