Do you have to give things away to sell to members of this site?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rons Rightway Lawncare, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. JJLandscapes

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    I forgot the main thing
    Who pays full price on anything anymore in the world? Everyone haggles which is why you raise your prices first so when someone offers a $100 less and the prices is already infalted you still make the deal
  2. LLandscaping

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    It is hard to sell at mower for $5,000 with 1300hrs when I can get that same mower new for $7,000 at my local Scag dealer. Often time on lawnsite people try to sell equipment for more than it is worth. .
  3. Josh.S

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    Supply and Demand... and obivously nobody demands a 1300hr mower for $5000..
  4. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    Bunch of crackheads respond to my post or what? ;) JUST KIDDING GUYS I never said I have had low ball offers on my mower, I have had NO - as in ZERO - offers on it.

    And really this thread was not so much about my mower as it is just the stuff I see for sale everywhere on this forum. Either stuff doesn't sell at all and the ad gets no action, or if anyone comes in they are offering WAY less than what is reasonable in most cases it seems.

    My mower..... First of all I wasn't even in the market to replace it. My dealer, who is a friend, and I were talking and I asked him what he thought he could sell my mower for, he said he could easily get me 5 grand for it. I asked him for pricing on a new one and he gave me a good deal so I bought a new one for no good reason other than to get a new mower. My price on the new mower was at his cost and was still close to 3 grand more over what he said he could sell my mower for.

    Now sure, my mower is used, and has 1300 hours on it. Mind you though that those 1300 hours were not put on this machine by some illegal mexicans who treat the equipment like crap, these hours were put on by me with the intentions of keeping the mower till the wheels fall off, so needless to say the mower is in better condition than mowers with 1/3rd the hours.

    So saying that........ heck in just about every truck thread where someone comes on and says he wants to buy this truck or that truck, the advise almost everyone gives is... Are you ready?..... BUY USED! SAVE MONEY, LET THE FIRST OWNERS EAT THE DEPRECIATION.... So then I guess you guys are telling me that a pampered 3 year old mower, a mower than I have good faith that if continued to be well taken care of will last another 10 or more years of steady use, a mower than is the equal to a car or truck with 40-50 thousand miles, that it isn't worth something at least close to 5 grand, especially when the average joe is going to be paying close to if not well over 9 grand to buy the same thing brand new?

    LLandscaping must know of some place to get great deals that I have never heard about. Tell me Adam where I can buy a 61 inch Scag rider for 7 grand, sounds like a deal

    look I am not in a rush to sell it. and I know it is the end of the season and most people will want to wait till spring to buy a mower, and the only people out looking at mowers now are looking for someone desparate to sell with a stupidly low price... just like people think motorcycles and boats and stuff are magically thousands cheaper in winter cause it is cold outside - NOT TRUE, I have been shopping for a bike the last month and the prices are just as high now as they were back in august around here anyway.

    No, my mower can sit at the lawnmower shop, my friend has it advertised there for 5500$ and he has several other used mowers there as well - all look like they went to Iraq for both gulf wars they are so abused looking - He has sold my last mower before the Scag for what he said he would get me, along with a few blowers and trimmers and a aerator etc.... If I just wait it will sell. I am just surprised no one has even offered me a lowball offer on my mower, I would probably sell it for less if someone hit me at the right time with the right offer.

    Anyway it is bed time, meanwhile to all you haters... hope when you go to sell your stuff you get told your stuff ain't worth nothing too. Makes you feel real good about all the trouble you went through to keep your stuff properly taken care in this world of run it like you stole it.... nighty night
  5. MOW ED

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    Wow its winter again.
    First off many of the "problems" of posting have been hashed over already. Secondly, I did not hear anyone say that you are paying too much to actually POST the item on the site. Oh thats right ITS FREE.:laugh:

    I think a guy can only use this and similar sites as one possible outlet. You are reaching thousands of potential buyers for free. If its a deal in someones mind they will buy it. Fact is that its a pain to buy large items over the internet. I see lots of stuff I would want to have if they were within a couple hour drive. When I have to start thinking about buying off a picture and description and then either invest a long ride or better yet, freight shipping, its usually not worth it.

    I also have had items sit but its no big deal. I usually try and sell local and if it doesn't go it just sits around.
  6. MarcSmith

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    2-11-2005 52" scag wild cat 25 Kawi 6500 bucks. two years earlier 61" scag tiger cub same engine 7100 bucks...

    for 5 grand Id rather have a new hydro wb than a used mower. that is 1/2 way into its life span.
  7. Team-Green L&L

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    The biggest rule of sales is: Value=the amount of money a particular person is willing to pay for the item. It is that simple. We bought most of our equipment at low-ball prices simply because the seller needed the money more than we needed the equipment and didn't have a better buyer in the amount of time he was willing to wait.

    Sales is an art and the more you know the "art of the deal" the more these things will make sense to you.
  8. J&R Landscaping

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    I was thinking the same thing. I'm done buying for now unless I come across a drop dead great deal. If this was Feb or even late January, you would probably be getting some people. JMO
  9. saw man

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    Lowballers on this site? NEVER!

  10. thesargent

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    YES! you have to give things away on this site to get rid of them, so... give me your mower! ha!ha!

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