Do you hire people with a criminal record?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by rickpilgrim, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. rickpilgrim

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    One Door closes and another opens:

    Today I had to terminate a habitual late by 20 min or more employee. A decent worker who gave his best always- when he got there.
    No sooner than handing out his final check my phone rings with a woman with "problems" who desperately needs to work. Locked up at 21 for aggravated assault (baseball bat to boyfriend doing another girl) for 10 yrs, 5 in 5 out. Had to speak to parole dept.
    Put her on mulch job where she unloaded by fork and wheel barrow 4.5 yards mulch and the rest of afternoon with string trimmer until 6. So far so good.
    Would you take a chance on someone with a bad history like this?

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    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Having someone show up is half the battle, from what I've learned. If they're making you money and less work load I'd say go for it.
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  3. Ditta&Sons

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    if they looked like that.....

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Lol I will say its better than seeing a sweaty dude. But I don't judge a book by its cover. I see a small lco in my area and most days its a older woman driving the f250 with a trailer hooked up. Toro push mowers and walk behinds etc.I know the owner and I have seen him riding passenger. If there only problem is the past(the employee), I'd be willing to work with that. We all screw up sometimes.. I had a ex employee who did great work, but every time we passed a cop he acted guilty. It was a shame BC he worked hard
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  5. rickpilgrim

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    I've had some guys that you'd swear worked out the gym that quit after a day or two saying the work was to hard. I've had some that worked for some other LCO's that did very sloppy and careless work. Then there's my 137lb wife who does perfect detailed work and doesn't quit until jobs done. Nice to look at means nothing when it comes to work. At least we get a tax credit for this one.
    My wife brought up if we ever have to terminate this person are we going to get the bat or worse?
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  6. OakNut

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    Yeah, ummm... hard hats for everyone.

  7. rickpilgrim

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    According to the what the parole agent told me you'd need hard hats for some of your lower parts but in this case.....
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  8. Tn Turf

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    It's hard to find good workers. Felons who paid their dues and are looking for a 2nd chance in life are often thrown curbside. It's hard for them to find anyone to take a chance on them, so I think they tend to take things more serious and are grateful for someone believing in them.

    Then again, some of them are career criminals. You'll have to weed them out. Sounds like your new person will be good for you.
  9. fireball756

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    she has a bad history? She never played ball for the Philadelphia Phillies yet
  10. rickpilgrim

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    No, before all that her work history was limited to rollerball down in Chicago.
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