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    Dear Members,

    The following announcement is from Sensible Software, the makers of CLIP. I sat down with Dave Tucker one morning and went through this and it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I am a neat freak who insists things be organized. I have to know where everything is at all times as well. It is as if Dave created this for people like me. Check it out....

    Sensible Software, Inc. has done it again! Dave Tucker, the developer of CLIP Software has created yet another valuable time & money saving tool! Their patent pending KnowItAll software is the simplest, least expensive document and information management software on the market today! It organizes all of your documents and information giving you the ability to easily find it, change it, print it, and share it using a simple intuitive “key word or phrase” search that you create. KnowItAll will keep track of all your important papers, documents, and information in one central location!

    Just think of how many questions you won’t have to answer twice or how much time will be saved not searching for paperwork or files on your computer! It’s priceless!

    Questions Like:

    · What areas do we service?

    · Where is the brochure for our leaf service?

    · Where do we buy our chemicals and what are the prices?

    · What's the website address for CLIP Software?

    · What are the phone numbers of all of our crew leaders?

    · Who do we call with an insurance claim and what’s the process?

    · What forms do we use when we hire a new employee and what ID's do we need?

    · Where is the warranty information on the Bobcat?

    The possibilities are endless! Also, through the security feature, any information can be easily shared or restricted to only certain users. KnowItAll includes a notification system that lets people know when certain articles are modified, deleted or need to be reviewed. Any piece of paper, a receipt, estimate or contract, photo of a property…etc. can be seamlessly scanned into KnowItAll and you never have to go digging in a file cabinet or remember where you put something again! Many companies across the country are already using it and reaping the benefits! Go get your piece of mind!

    For more information or to download a demo, please visit our website at . Or call us at 800-635-8485.

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