Do you like your GRAVELY Pro G w/b ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KBW, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. KBW

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    I am going to demo the 48" Pro Steer as soon as the snow melts. I decided not to go with the 48" floating deck demo w/100hrs. It was a good price, however, I'm pretty sure it has had some mechanical issues. I am interested in hearing your experiences with Gravely's Pro G w/b's. I did read a previous thread where a gentleman had a nightmare of a time with his new Gravely. Did he have bad luck mixed in w/a lemon or is there some real concerns with Gravely's new belt drive w/b? I'm interested in your experiences with them. Thanks Kevin.
  2. polecat63

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    I've owned a Gravely Pro 150 WB with a 50" deck for two seasons now. I can honestly say I'll never buy a another one. I replaced so many deck and drive belts the first season I probably should have bought stock. The deck cuts great but the drive design puts too much strain on the parts and the belts will burn in tall thick grass. I've also had to replace one of the spindles (and yes, it was well lubed). About two months into the season last year I lost the transmission, and they tried to tell me it's because I pull a velke. I couldn't believe it, I have a 9 year old Toro with the original tranny on it and It's still going strong. Anyway, I'm not sure if the model you're looking at is similar to mine so this may be useless info.
  3. KBW

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    James, thanks for the info. I guess yours is a 2001 model? I know they made a lot of changes for 2002. I'm wondering if the new ones are better, not just better, but a great mower? I am only going to have one w/b (Jdeere rider for back up) therefore, I need something very reliable. Thanks again, Kevin.
  4. lakegastonlawn

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    Yeah, but the question was about the NEW gravely walk behind mower. Yours was the older design. The dealer should have stepped up and found the problem for you. Your machine was not the norm for their walks, cause the guys I know with the older style walks liked them and swore they were pretty much trouble free. Dealer can make or break you. I have checked out the new gravely walks and those things are AWESOME! Looks like a piece of military gear!! Any body got cutting time with the new mowers, yet?
  5. mac43rn

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    "I have checked out the new gravely walks and those things are AWESOME! Looks like a piece of military gear!! Any body got cutting time with the new mowers, yet?"

    Awesome if you love replacing belts, oil leaking and looking at it in the shop. Piece of S&%t. I had the Pro G and Pro H. Both were junk. Don't waste your time.

    spend the extra money and get an exmark!!
  6. polecat63

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    Just like everything there are good and bad stories to tell. IMHO Toro makes the best bang for the buck. The T-bar sytem is much less fatiguing and alot easier to use. My newest Toro is about 4 years old and has run trouble free except for normal belt replacement. I also have a 32" Exmark that's built like a tank and almost as tough. The reason I bought the Gravely is that I've used their riders and really liked them. Thought the wb would be good also. The dealership was very helpful but it didn't make up for all my down time. I had less problems last season, but that was because I had to baby the machine a little. Good Luck with whatever you decide to buy.
  7. PartsGuy

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    I am sorry to hear that there are those that have had major problems with thier Gravely Pro's. We have sold many of these units over the last few years, and yes have experienced some of the same problems spoken about earlier. However the 2003 models have addressed the concerns and problems and in my opinion corrected the problems from the earlier units.

    As a side note, we handle Ariens, Gravely, Exmark, Dixon, Shindiawia, Briggs, Kohler, Etc:
    No manufacture handles warranty claims like Gravely! Some of it may have to do with our companies policy, but Gravely has stepped up to the plate in every warranty claim I have sent in. If it is a known problem, Gravely steps up to the plate every time.

    Parts Guy
  8. DaveHLLC

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    When I started 10 years ago I bought a giant mow 48" walk behind. It still runs great. The next year I bought two gravely pro 300 hydros. After 2 years I swore I'd never buy a gravely again. The dealer started moving to different Equipment and his service was getting really bad. I fixed most stuff that broke but it was a pain getting parts and they are way overpriced from the Dealers. Spindles, Belts, and starters were always a problem. The mowers only have about 1500 hrs on them and one had to have a engine replaced. I switched over to exmark and a new dealer. I have 3 walk behinds and two Lazers and I couldn't be happier.
  9. KBW

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    Parts Guy, I know Gravely made a lot of changes for 2002, I didn't know they made changes for 2003? Do you know what changes they made? thanks...Kevin
  10. yardboyltd

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    I have to agree about warranty work... I've gone to other towns and looked at gravely equuip... When they start to give me their sales pitch on gravely, I tell them I know what great machines they have because my 260z hasn't gave me ANY problems thusfar. These dealers THEN PROCEED to WANT to work on my mower, one was even a hour and a half a way... said if I ever have any trouble give him a call and the'll pick it up and drop one off in the meantime... I thought it was just this dealer, but no three times now dealers have wanted to WORK on my mower, which they didn't even sell to me.

    THUMBS UP TO GRAVELY... I love that new prosteer... if I had a appllication for one, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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