Do you look into window and wave?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. williams lcm

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    When you see customers in house through the window do you wave or just pretend you don't see them and go about your business? I caught a few customers watching my every move. They follow me around to front and back of house and peek out. Usually it's the older folks.
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  2. mwalz

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    This usually happens to me the first couple mows. Old people tend to know how valuable their dollar is because they are probably retired, they don't want to waste money. It feels awkward for me, but i just act like i know what I'm doing, and own it. I try to look confident, and i feel like waving just makes it more awkward, at least for me. Never have waved in a window, i feel like that is looking in on their home, which some people the first time you are there to cut, might feel violated if they are that way. That you are looking on on them and their personal belongings, even though you aren't.
  3. Chris_NC06

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    I don't look into customers windows. That's creepy.
  4. ashgrove landscaping

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    Sure do. They like to watch. It's pretty neat to watch us zip around on funny looking machines. A lot of them don't have much going on until you come around so it's like a show, Plus they are paying for it.
  5. Sprinkler Buddy

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    I have one that peeks through her blinds, when I get close, it closes. lol Its a big lawn, she just started doing this in the last year. Her mind is starting to go as well. I pretend I don't see her, I think it would frighten her if I waved. I've been mowing her lawn 18+ years. Hate seeing many of my customers health failing them.
  6. S&S Lawn ServiceLLC

    S&S Lawn ServiceLLC LawnSite Member
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    Look in a window??if I did happen to see someone watching me through my sunglasses I wouldn't wave!
    Who's to say they wouldn't think what else are they looking at?"....I'm out.
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  7. larryinalabama

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    What if they don't have any clothes on?
  8. JB1

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    I keep my head down and mow,looked in a window once at a assisted living home, will never ever look again, was not a pretty site.
  9. pseudosun

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    I'm sure that they think i don't notice them, but in the corner of my eye, i see the blinds move and on windows with no blinds, i see them jump behind a wall. It's fun. A few times, ladies got mad because i didn't acknowledge them while they were standing inside. One lady was always grinnin at me when i looked her way for a split second. I made the decision to pretend like i didn't see her, because it just feels weird to wave at someone inside. She stormed off, and put up some sheets over her window. The lady has problems. Another one stood in her glass door, and when i did acknowledge her, she was surprised that i could see her. :dizzy: They like to watch. I have this one woman who does dishes everytime i cut. I see her in my side vision, but won't look directly at her. A few times, when they were watching, and thought that i didn't see them, i waved, and saw them scurry off. Now, i think it's best to keep my head down. It makes some people mad, and they think i'm mad or mean for not waving at them. Step out, and i'll give you your wave.
  10. AMW Landscaping

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    Even better!!:laugh::laugh:

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