Do you lower the price?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mcwlandscaping, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. mcwlandscaping

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    If doing a mulch job and you order too much, lets say 1.5 yards hypothetically of course, do you only charge for the yards you used and keep the price you estimated at or do you deduct the price of the 1.5 extra yards from the bill? How would you handle this...i didn't do this, just wondering as i may have on a job that is having the mulch delievered on monday!

  2. lawnspecialties

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    If they agreed on the estimate price, I'd try to get the extra mulch in the beds. If it just wouldn't work, I'd probably still leave the price the same unless I had way too much left over. Hey, I wouldn't raise the price if I ordered slightly too little and had to get more.
  3. gammon landscaping

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    keep the mulch charge the same take it home and make you wife happy with new mulch....or at least that is what i did last week
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    IM MARRIED?? WOAH i didn't know that!! j/k! i was planning on just taking it home in case i had some extras.....lawnspecialties, made sense to not charge less when you mentioned if you ordered a little bit less than needed, you woulnd't up the price, thanks guys
  5. cwlawley

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    I'd charge them for the product but probably not for the installation of it. Take it home and use it. But really, try and put it in the beds, thick beds can look really good.

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