Do you make your own contracts?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Skol, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I've never worried about contracts regarding weekly lawn service, but this year I've started to take on larger landscape projects. So for my own protection, I am wanting to start having contracts signed to be sure I get paid for the work performed.

    So, do you guys draw up your own contracts? Is it as simple as typing up something on 'Word' and having them sign it? Or is there a more legal approach required?
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    Essentially yes

    You can buy "standard" contracts online with most of the wording you need.
    Edit for your personal taste and company position/situation
    Then take it to a contract lawyer to edit and review
    This should be the same lawyer you will use for contact disputes and suing for non payment.
    Lawyers are better at enforcing their own contracts.

    Always make sure you have a force mejure clause in your contracts
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    Force majeure

    I hate this edit feature
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    I wrote my own contracts but I have a local printer type set it and print them for me. He prints a white, yellow and pink (carbonless). The white goes in our hard file. They keep the yellow. And we keep the pinks for a reference only. If it's not sold yet, the pinks are used for call backs. If it is sold you can either throw away the pinks or throw it in a big box like I do. You can eventually throw away your collection of pinks at the end of the year or stick them in the hard file with the whites.
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