Do you measure up properties?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by SW Landscape Maintenance, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Do you guys measure up commercial properties for lawn cutting etc. Most of the times I find residential easy to judge for cutting time and I measure the commercial to get an accurate quote. I always take into account trees & gardens for line trimming etc.

    Fall cleanups I find the hardest to estimate for a seasonal quote. Are there ways of doing that like counting trees etc on the property. Its always good to have formulas to work from to keep your prices competitive and accurate.
  2. SW Landscape Maintenance

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    Well does anybody?:confused: It would be nice to get some feed back:canadaflag: Thanks in advanced.
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    I agree, it's really not that hard to judge by eye on grass cutting, and fall cleanups SUK lol.

    But, I've made mistakes on grass cutting before and to get the accuracy factor straight, nowadays I *always* look up the property on County records before I even head out to estimate. I still have to look at it, too many variables exist that the county doesn't tell you, but at least I have a heads up on total land size, value, and date purchased (I find all of this can be helpful, at various times).
    I don't need most of this information, and certainly not all the time, but I do it every single time because it helps when I do need it.
    I can't remember exactly, but I think you Google 'YourCounty property appraiser' for that web site.

    As for leaves, one of the best things I did for myself is to do leaves first and foremost for regular (grass) customers who have been with me ALL season!
    Now I tell them how much they owe after I am done, sorry, I can't price the crap upfront. This is the fair way, nobody gets took.
    This doesn't work for all customers, but with most of the regulars the fuss is minimal because they trust me (and I don't rip them off).
    The part with the price took a while to institute, but the bit with doing it for regulars first was easier going and saved me headaches right away.

    As for doing it this way, sometimes I still get burned but it's becoming rare and the resulting anger is noticeably cooler when it's for a regular.
    It still burns and sux, sometimes considerably, but just think how much it would burn if it weren't this way, is how I look at it anymore.
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    We always measure the turf areas as well as the square footage of the bed areas. I also count the number of trees and shurbs so I can give an accurate bid on pruning. We also have production rates that we've come up with that let me know how many hours it will take to mow a certain amount of turf based on the type of mower. It's not an exact science, but it does get you pretty close. You can then add your gut instinct to bring your bid more in line.
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    Thanks guys for your feedback!

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