Do you mow overgrown lawns (fields)?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by crusty_crab80, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Whiffyspark I have a billy goat brush cutter that I use for the back side of my pond when Its wet and I cant get my tractor back there and they are far from a pos. I've used it for 3 years and never had a single issue out of it. My tractor has a 5 foot bush hog brand brush cutter with the slip clutch and stump jumper and if it can push it over it will cut it. Had a cheap one before this one with the shear bolts and I wouldn't own another one like that.
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    I had to look see what your shedder was Its a Flair mower thats what came up when I google it
    Shear bolt would work for that type of cutting But when you start cutting 3/4 to 3'' trees a slip cultch is the key even my Tire driven Sidewinder After run one never use a grearbox type again I have 2 a 6' and a 7' model

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    Things have changed since that old iron came out 30-40 years ago
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    That looks like a great machine. I expect the "tire" serves as a slip clutch by itself.

    I don't know what you're googling. My shredder is not a flail mower, it's a shredder. It's a John Deere model 613. I don't know how old it is, but I bought it used for $400 about 5 years ago. It had seen very little use at that time, but was bashed up on the back. I cut out the back and welded it back together with fresh plate, adding some strap along the bottom for reinforcement.

    The shear bolt arrangement is not a bolt that goes through the outer collar and the center shaft. It consists of two flat arms that extend radially from the shafts, then a shear bolt goes in parallel to the shaft centerline, if that makes sense.

    Here are a couple of pictures immediately after I fixed it up. It was still hanging on my old Ford 3000 diesel that has since been replaced with a JD 5055D


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    Does anyone use field / brush mowers for acre or half-acre lots?
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    Type in Shredder and showed flair mower What you posted is a bush hog
    Maybe JD named it a Shredder but its a bush hog Like mine is a FMC Sidewinder But I call it a Bush hog

    Its like My Gehl Skidloader people call it a Bobcat its a common name for that type of equipment

    on sidewinder yes the tire is like a slip clutch But with Tire driven You can use smaller 40 HP tractor on them and cuts like u have a 60hp tractor hook up to it
    Use to do a lot custom bush hogging I use to run a TO35 Ferguson with the 6ft Sidewinder But gas went to high now I have 4600 ford diesel now run that 6ft on it only need run half throttle open tractor up cuts like its 1000 Pto
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    But they still make them under a different company But I cant remember the name Seen it at the State Fair last year
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    Okay, now I understand what you were googling.

    I think what is going on here is a difference in local terminology.

    In my little North East Texas agricultural community, the cutter that is in my picture is called a shredder by the locals. The term comes from its use in years past to "shred" the stubble left in a field after a combine has been run over the field. Since that time it has come to more commonly used for battling weeds in pastures.

    In other areas the term "brush hog" seems to be what is commonly used. I think that term stems from one of the early producers of what we in these parts call a shredder. That is a Lubbock, Texas based company named Bush Hog.

    Now maybe this will get us on the same page.:)
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    MBDiagMan, I used to work at Servis Equipment, which made the Rhino rotary cutters. We called them "shredders" too. Maybe it's just a Texas thing. Seems like most people on the internet call them brush hogs or bush hogs. As you said, "Bush Hog" is a brand, but has evolved into common use as a descriptive term, sorta like kleenex.

    We never called a flail mower anything other than a flail mower.
  10. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Yep I'm up north you in south you say howdy I say hello but means the same
    Just never heard that term of shredder is all Learn new things all time on here

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