Do You Need Help With Mowing Large Areas In Central Florida ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Art K, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. Art K

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    We are a large acreage mowing subcontractor only. That's our specialty. You pay us just $35 an acre. We have top of the line large scale mowing equipment. Save time as well as wear and tear on your mowers. Call 321-939-0434 and ask for Art or Mary.
  2. Albemarle Lawn

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    Keep us posted.

    I just bought a John Deere 1600 Wide-Area Mower.

    It sits 3 days a week, I bought it for a couple large jobs.

    I was thinking of the same thing...farming it out on sub jobs to golf courses, etc.

  3. Wow expensive....$35 an acre.

    Thnere is a forum part of LS for "net working"
  4. gogetter

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    Just out of pure curiosity, how many acres can you mow an hour with one of those?

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