Do you offer a performance benchmark with your fertilization plans...?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Exact Rototilling, Jun 25, 2014.

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    Watering guidelines, mowing height suggestions okay requirements etc....?

    Truthfully I do not want to be associated with lawns that struggle and have failure to thrive. This is why I prefer to put application clients on a monthly flat rate plan. It helps avoid the bean counter [price per ap] pick apart types. I also include aeration in the mix as well.

    I currently will not offer any performance guarantee with clients that insist on cool season turf mowed below 2" and with clients who insist on daily watering.

    I only want the top performing lawns as my clients.

    Am I alone in this...?
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    Can't always have the top of the list properties (well sometimes) but it's a good goal to have. I'd much prefer the high quality lawns just because I feel from my experiences that they know what it costs to have that look.

    As far as low cuts and/or frequently irrigating, a program can be developed that works with that. It'll cost more though.
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    And to answer your real question, I do make suggestions but add that there's lots of variables so I can't make too much of a guarantee beyond the weeds being dead.
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    No, and on the flip
    Side it can be a tough realization the your efforts or goal of a quality healthy turf stand with nice curb appeal
    For your client doesn't always make them happy. At the end of the daywe all want nice lawns but more importantly we need happy customers
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