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    I purchased a Pro - Ride 260 last year from my dealer. I absolutely love the machine. It does everything I ask of it and more! The only complaint I have about it is, the clippings are rather large when they're discharged. I asked my dealer if they made mulching blades or a mulching kit and I was told no? Other than that, this machine is a beast!

    I will be purchasing my Pro - Walk 52" hopefully by Friday! I had my eyes set on an Exmark Turf Tracer, but after comparing reviews and demoing the mowers, I am sold on the Pro Walk!!!
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    buddyro97 -

    Congratulations on your new Pro-Stance 52. We have had great positive feedback on our Pro-Stance units, and I'm glad you took advantage of our $500 rebate. I can't wait to see pictures!

    Some of the updates for the 2014 Pro-Stance model include:

    Improved foot platform
    Added fuel gauge
    Flip down operator pad with latches
    Easier to release hydros
    Delay added to operator presence control
    Heat guard over muffler

    Send me your contact information in a private message if you would like a Gravely hat to go with your Pro-Stance!


    Mary Lyn
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    Nicktw25 -

    Congratulations on your purchase of the Pro-Ride. This is an excellent mower and will mow just about anything. The design of the tunnel deck on this model allows you to mow tall, wet grass and disperse it out of the large opening. With this design, there isn't a good option for mulching, however.

    I'm glad you are also purchasing a Pro-Walk as well. Send me your contact information in a Private Message if you would like a Gravely hat to go along with your Gravely mowers!


    Mary Lyn
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    I purchased a Gravely pro turn 152 in Nov. 2013, the machine has about 20 hours, because of the positive feedback found on this web site. BUT, I have an issue with the mower leaving strips of uncut grass, it has done this since the machine was purchased. Right now my mower is at the dealer. He has sent my pictures and he sent a video in to Gravely showing the problem. He has not heard from Gravely sine Monday. The techs, according to his last talk with me, can't understand why this is happening. I believe after all the dealer has done we might have a bad deck. So, it will be interesting to see what happens.


    You can see some of my threads on this site concerning this problem I have.
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    Pro stance 52" love the mower personally but noticing the guys are starting to choose to leave it at the shop more and more due to it causing back pain and fatique. I bought it Over a year ago so the rear platform has really no cushion and it does bump you around a little. Also the foot pedal is too small. I have asked my dealer twice to check on what it would cost me to upgrade to larger pedal and new platform with cushion or whatever, and he still hasnt. Guess we all know not to buy something the first year or two that it comes out. I guess biggest downfall is dealer support
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    here are a few picture of what I was mentioning. As you can see the grass is not that tall or thick. I had to run half speed and it still did not cut.
  7. uzupan

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    Are your blades turned upside down seen someone come into the shop complaining of this last week they had their blades upside down same looking cut.
    Nvm seen been doing that since you bought it

    Check the deck to make sure it is level and also not clogged on the spindles or chute.

    This could be a dealer problem of them putting it together wrong from crate it happens more than often. (Took them 5 years to realize they did not have our engine running at proper RPM's was running at 3200 when should of been 3600)

    I had to take ours to the shop 5 times in 7 days last week n half because they do not know what they are doing half the time I usually work on it myself but had no lift to get to hydro sheave, wanted it replaced day one with new key, washers, and spring.

    They said it looked fine and was clearly mangled and bent from belt break, so they did not comply with what I asked burn off 4 belts, the bolt where the tension arm connects spring was destroy the spring also rode up it eating the belt off too, finally 3rd time they did as I asked, left key out mower just did circles.

    Took it back yet again they put all the washers on backwards, took it back fixed washers then the left the pin on mower deck left side arm off, took it back next day fixed that. Small shop here not enough room they are usually 3 months wait list for repairs and keep the phone off the hook all day every day.
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    Just purchased a 2014 Pro-Turn 460 & a Pro-Stance 52 both with operator controlled discharge chutes last Thursday :cool2:

    Taplin Yard, Pump & Power
    120 Interstate Drive
    West Springfield, MA 01089

    They are expecting to deliver them on Monday or Tuesday :drinkup:

    I really wanted to go with Gravely because they appear to have a great lineup of equipment with some great innovations but I was skeptical to go with Gravely for the main reason that there is not a dealer very close to me, I drove 1.5 hours to Taplin's to meet with Marty (owner) and Andrew (outside sales) along with the Gravely on the road demo guy (can't remember his name :confused:).
    These are a great bunch of guys at Taplin's and by the time I left I felt very confident that should any warranty issues arise they assured me they will take care of it as well as getting me a mower so I had no down time!

    I live in Cavendish VT which is somewhat rural and there are not allot of dealers of any brand very close other than Ferris whish is about 20 minutes.
    I have been using Exmark since 2002 and have had a variety of them over the years but I was never satisfied with them and the nearest Exmark dealer is almost an hour away and never offered a demo mower if mine was down and almost never had parts.

    I was mainly persuaded to look at Gravely after the many pages of reviews by GMLC on this site, he is in NH and after reading his posts and seeing his pictures of the cut quality and especially cutting wet grass or for that matter cutting in the rain I had to look into Gravely more. There is almost never a morning that we start mowing and the grass isn't a little wet from overnight dew and the cut of my previous mower was very poor and most lawns needed double and even triple cutting at times to make the lawn look good. My old mower was very loose and had 2300 hrs. but it was time for a change.

    I'll try and post some pictures when they deliver them..
  10. uzupan

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    No, blades are correct, in fact I have tried 2 other types of blades besides the original blades. The dealer has replicated the issue. I either have a bad deck or the 52 inch deck just does not do well in my area. My dealer let me borrow a proturn148 so I can cut and I have not had the issues that I have with mine.
    I have been assured that Gravely will take care of the issue. My dealer is going to try one more thing before we go to the next step. Up to this point I commend my dealer and Gravely for their willingness to correct the problem. I really do like the Gravely machine. My dealer also carries Scag and Exmark and the Gravely seems to be a better built machine. I will keep everyone posted as to what happens either good or bad.

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