Do you own a Gravely mower?

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    Thanks, You will be the one if I have questions! I have tried to respond to your PM but for some reason I was able to open the message but when I try to respond the site keeps telling me I don't have permission to do that?
    Thanks for taking the time to send me the dealer info. :drinkup:
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    Unfortunately there are bad dealers for every brand out there. I will not deal with those types no matter what brand they sell. I know for a fact Gravely will not accept that kind of attitude from a dealer representing them.
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    I have a 2013 Pro Turn 460, 2 commercial 21's and a ZT HD60. The 460 is absolutely amazing, I bought it for numerous reasons, QOC, durability, etc but the air ride seat was pretty high up there since I have a few very bumpy properties. This is the first year with the 21's, I haven't even had a chance to use one yet but my right hand man says they are pretty impressive. The ZT HD is also a good mower, we use it as our back up mower now but it gets used daily on several of our large properties where we can run 2 big mowers.
    The biggest reason we chose Gravely over everything else out there was because of dealer support. I have a great dealer that is willing to go above and beyond to keep us up and running.
  4. Erik1981

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    The next thing I was to try is a Pro-Stance 36 for some of our smaller properties.
  5. southerntide

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    My local dealer cannot even bring in 400 series due to limited space which sucks, small local shop in a small town his area is just to small the shop is cramped as it is, wish Gravely would throw some help to them since John Deer just built a huge dealership about 1/2 to 3/4 miles away targeting his shop business. But most get their deeres then come to him for the parts. The shop is Gravely first and foremost, all other machines in for repair are usually set back anywhere from 1 to 3 month wait list but as they have been here for years the customers always use them instead of some company trying to destroy their business.

    The only other option is to drive a hour for a larger dealership and that is not a choice due to gas, travel and wait times.
  6. retrodog

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    Hey on the 52" deck issue.... I had another brand that was like that. It didnt cut right out of the box, left grass, and then after 2 passes the deck was clogged up and the blades would shut off. We tried everything for weeks to fix it, I put over 20 hours on the mower trying to fix it. I blew him off cause he was kinda mean about it, but when I went to his house to pick it up there was a pile behind his house that it looked like a dump truck dropped where he cleaned his deck He was a big mouth that lived right by me so I wanted him fixed fast. I was mowing by a dog toy and I noticed on the discharge side it would suck things in the deck. The deck was robot made identical to my other decks. We put a ddiffeent deck on the mower and it cut perfectly with no build up. To this day the factory didnt ever find out what was wrong with the deck it was a freak deal I guess... have your dealer swap the deck with a demo to make sure, if issue is fixed tell him to just order new deck from gravely and warranty. I heard no way deck is messed over and over after pics and measurements, but after doing that it proved the deck was possessed..
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  7. southerntide

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    Seems my local dealer has done a nono and turned RPM's up too much on our Kawasaki at the end of last year which has now started leaking on the bottom main seal.

    Took it in for some hydro problems to get check, they adjusted something on it sent me on my way said I would get another 100 hours on it pulled it off trailer got 5ft in to cut and BLEW (Totally Destroyed) my left Hydro pump every gear, bearing and the inner case was in nothing but chunks costing me a Grand for their mistake, this is when they apparently noticed they did not ever set the RPM's correctly only took 8 years to notice.

    Got it back they had the steering all mess up and out of line, took it back again (was going to let them fix the mistake they just did a quick mop up job, there is really no flat land around there to test the machine correctly after shop work. Still steering is off left overpowers the right steering, throttle hits wide open about 65% in. Not sure if I should consult Gravely Rep about this problem or not my other options for a dealer is a hour or more away.

    Now looking to possibly be forced to spend thousands on a new machine because of this error. I was planning on getting one soon but not this soon, the engine was great before I took it in no leaks or anything. Our mower is still is great shape besides the seat which pretty much split apart everywhere in the 2nd year., and normal Deck wear for near 1700 hours of operation. Every time I take it in to have something done on a lift that I cannot get to they try to say we need a new mower before even getting to explain problem needing fixed.

    I had to take it back 3 or 4 times this year just for them to put on a new Hydro Sheave pulley correctly, I said I need a new Bolt and Spring, the spring arm connects to it was worn the spring was riding up hitting belt burning it up, burned 3 belts before they did what I asked the first time.
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  8. southerntide

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    Was also told we could use demo if or when ours was being repaired but he would only offer us a 60'' knowing well the trailer we have only sits a 52'' max. I think we have had more downtime in actually them repairing their bad repairs than actual break down time.

    This could very well cause destruction to our business for these little mistakes seeing we had been planning on building up to a new mower at winter or next year time, now having this happen which I looked over every inch of it this weekend inspecting it seeing the seal leaking now. Not everyone has $10 grand to spend out of pocket like it is nothing or is a huge business we are just 2 man team that stay busy all day long every week 11years in operation. A lot of profit money has went on my dads health being 70 having 3 bypasses in last year, already had 2 heart surgeries so we do what we can.
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  9. uzupan

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    My dealer has lent me a proturn 148 and I have not had the issues I have with my proturn 152. I am sending him a text when he has grass to cut, it has been dry, to use another 152 he has in the store. If it does OK I know we have a bad deck. If it does bad then I guess the 52 inch deck is not a good choice in our area.
  10. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I just took delivery of a new Pro Stance 61 with the Kawi today. Put a few hrs on it and so far I love it. My dealer caters more to consumers and for the life of me, I cant figure out for the life of me why there isnt more of a push by the dealer or Gravely to take aim at the commercial cutters in the area. I see tons of toro, exmark and wright machines around here an nearly no Gravely. Its like the best kept secret, and I really wish Gravely would make a push around here. I will spread the word, as much as I can, but there is a huge untapped market in western pa.

    I have to tip my hat to Tim, the regional rep. I called my dealer 10 days ago only to find that tney didnt have a PS61 and that it would be weeks until one was available. I send a PM to Gravely here on LS and after a bunch of leg work, they had one shipped in from the mid west. 10 days later, I have a brand new PS61 on my trailer.

    The only things I have noticed so far is that it seems high lift blades or oregon G5/6 blades would greatly help with tall cool season grasses. I am looking for them now. Also, the gas filler is on the wrong side. All american trucks have the fuel fill on the driver side. If the mower is driven straight on the trailer, I have to fill one, then drive around the pumps and fill the other. With my WB, I could take two pumps and fill the truck on one, and the mowers/cans on the other pump at the trailer. Petty, I know, but it was my first thought as I went to the gas station from the dealer, and I know some guys back them on, or load sideways, the fill neck is on the discharge side for a reason... just saying.

    So far so good. I will write a review once I get some more time on it and my accelerator catcher comes in.

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