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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Murphy's LawnCare, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Murphy's LawnCare

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    If you own an Npr did you find you got more business just by looking more professional? I know when I see the ones around here I always associate them as having made it in this business. I am looking at buying one on ebay, and can get a relatively nice used one for about the same price as a new enclosed trailer. My question is, which generates more business...the NPR or the enclosed (billboard advertising) trailer?
  2. grassaholic

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    I got an NPR 2 yrs. ago and love it. I can't say that it has brought me more business because of the looks. I can say that it is alot easier to drive than a pickup truck. The brakes are bigger, it turns sharper, the visibility is better, and it's a dually. As far as looks go, I guess it may look a little more professional because it doesn't look like someones daily driver with magnets or stickers on it. You see an NPR you know it's a work truck. Then again I don't see anything wrong with a pickup either. I like the NPR for it's abilitys, not so much the looks.:drinkup:
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    I have a Mits. Fuso fe640. Absolutely love it! Great power,ac,power everything, dual calipers up front, 16ft flat 4 ft dove. Wouldn't say it has given us anymore business either, Looks clean and professional. Suggestions I would make when looking to purchase. Get a lawn body dump. If you haul alot of debris (grass clippings,sticks,ect..) Look into getting a Dumpster behind the cab that dumps to the side. These are improvements I am making to mine to create the ultimate truck for our needs.
    Good luck and keep us posted!!
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    My Mitsi has been a very good work truck. Smaller foot print than the old 3/4 ton that I had and it is legal for 6000 lbs.. Its just not a " freeway truck".
  5. terrypiper

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    do you have a manufacturer for the lawn body dump or can you give me some info. i do tons of bagging and have to take another truck with a trailer and billygoat. i would love to do it all on one vehicle. any help would be appreciated
  6. grassaholic

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    Here's a pic of my NPR I mounted a 23hp Billy Goat loader behind the cab and had a 10ft. dump bed mounted behind that. I built the box on the bed for the vac to blow the clippings and leaves into. My truck has the 6.0 gas V8 and has plenty of power to pull the trailer and haul clippings.
  7. mdlwn1

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    Npr's are awesome. You'll laugh at guys with pickups after you get one. I got 50k miles out of my brakes pulling a 16ft 2 axel trailer without brakes.
  8. scagtiger

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    the cab over trucks are the only way to go... they are way more versitile then a trailer and you can get them in about any place you can imagine... i dont know about gettin us more business but everyone compliments it when we are gettin fuel
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    Just bought my third, my guys love them.
    Have two GMC W3500(Isuzu NPR)
    Just bought a new Isuzu NPR-HD(GMC W4500)
    It is a geat time to buy a truck.
    Picking it up Tommorow 4/14


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