Do you plow snow?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Landscraper1, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Landscraper1

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    Just curious. Any LCO's out there not plow during the winter? If not, why? This question is for the full time, LCO's, that live in areas that have snow in the winter. Thx
  2. lawnkingforever

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    I finally gave in this year and jumped into the snow removal game. I do a few of my own accounts and sub off another guy for most of the work. But I have many reasons for not wanting to do it in the past. Now I live in an area where snow is very sporadic, it could snow a lot or very minimal.

    1. Expensive equipment sitting idle.
    2. Watching tv/smart phone constantly checking weather
    3. Not having freedom to travel during winter
    4. Kids are pulled from daycare after lawn season, so hard to
    find daycare on short notice if wife is working
    5. Hard to find any help for this type of work
    6. After long mowing season, having some down time is nice
    7. Pay is good. But slow.
    8. Hard to get a parttime job, when you have to do snow
    removal on a whim.
    9. I absolutely hate cold weather

    This year was a test run. If I feel like it is worth my while I will roll it out full blown next year. I will offer it to all of my mowing clients next year. I know many will take me up on it. Did not want to go all in just in case I decide not to do it again next year. Being a sub for most of my work is nice, I am going to Florida in 2 weeks and dont have to worry about it snowing while I am gone. The guy has to find someone else while I am gone, not me. Right now I am 50/50 on next year. Life is too short to be miserable and I work enough during mowing season.
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  3. StihlBR600

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    Well this is my second season plowing snow and i can say this will probably be the last. I have a full route and tons of accounts both residential and commerical. There is no money in plowing when it doesnt snow! Weve plowed 4 times in the past 22 months here in Michigan. Basically you might make money one year and the next you might not make a dime. so if you average it out through five years your not making hardly any money. So would i recommend geting into plowing? Not if your going to rely on the income plowing MAY bring during the winter months
  4. kranker022

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    I plow snow during the winter months in ohio. Like the poster above me, it has barely snowed here the last 2 seasons. I am not a huge outfit but i have enough work to send out two trucks every time it snows. I have been able to save plenty of money throughout the growing season to support myself through winter months, but it is nice to bring in that extra 1k in a days work whenever it snows. There is some money to be made, but i dont look at snow removal as a reliable income obviously. The people making all the money are the ones who sub out all the work, and the ones who have their loaders and equipment sitting steady on the larger properties.
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  5. LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    I do residential snow removal, but with snow-blowers and shovels, all the properties I do are under agreement(contract) so price is consistent through the season. Its my first year in business so I only have about 15 snow accounts, but I enjoy it, you gotta do something. Yeah finding a part time job is next to impossible, income is poor, but I just started out, if you get 40-60 houses, then you are set and can do them in a reasonable amount of time ervery snow fall.
  6. Landrus2

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    We plow snow lately we haven't been plowing there is no snow :waving:
  7. grandview (2006)

    grandview (2006) LawnSite Gold Member
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    I do plow. All seasonal.Hi.PS guys!:waving:
  8. JB1

    JB1 LawnSite Fanatic
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    We used to back in the days when we used to get snow.
  9. KS_Grasscutter

    KS_Grasscutter LawnSite Gold Member
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    In theory, yes. My promotional material says I do. I've had ONE "plowable" snow in the last 2 seasons. And that one I only did driveways that face north (shade, wouldn't melt) because we only got like an inch. I have 1 commercial lot and 2 dozen driveways that I do with an ATV and a single stage blower. I would like to set up a truck with a plow and get some more lots but I keep having trouble justifying to myself that it's a good idea to tie up money in equipment that will get used a MAX of 5 times per season, and more likely 0 to 2.
  10. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    We do get snow here and I was contacted by Sheetz about plowing their 4 locations here in Greenville. I said thanks but no thanks. It doesn't snow enough to justify the expense both in plow equipment and a decent 3/4 ton 4X4 truck.

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