Do you plow snow?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Landscraper1, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Golfpro21

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    yes we do snow removal, we have 250 snow properties. They are all seasonal contracts so the money is 100% guaranteed, whether it snows or not. We live in an area that usually gets 25-35 snow events in a season as we constantly get snow squals of the great lakes and georgan bay.

    we grow year after year and I would love to eventually slow the grass down and go bigger and bigger with the snow.

    There is lots of down time with the snow season, granted you cannot plan a vacation until the season is over, but I dont find you can do it during grass season either. Grass season is 5-7 days a week week after week, where as snow might be 3 days one week and then off for a week. Our routes are only 6 hours long anyways, so no big deal
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    I agree I think i did wait too long, but my truck with 1000lbs of sand in the bed, and with new nitto trail grappler mud/snow tires in september, had some of the best traction next to your truck with 235 snow tires and chains, that your gonna find. my tires are a 285 width and 33" tall so still pretty skinny. with huge deep treads that are self cleaning and really bite down into the snow. I would have liked to go out starting at 6" but by the time i did my last account it would have been 30-35hrs later with just me and one other truck especially once the roads got really bad around 11pm friday night and the town trucks quit or were getting stuck themselves and needed loaders to pull them out, so that was not much of option. i tried driving through close to 2' of unplowed snow way too much effort on my trucks part. I could see enough, but the truck was just struggling too much to go 10-15mph even so i called it quits.
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    yes, do commercial and industrial, salt and plow, get about 40 something inches a season, i am typing because its raining not snowing now, got to take the good with the bad, if we get more global warming i'll cut more grass i guess, anyway you look at it im outside the house and off the couch
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    Man, hat's off. There's snow and then there's SNOW!
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    We have been in and out if it over the last 20 years and going back in next year...just to quiet :sleeping: and not enough money here in Ohio not to do it.....we have always done 80% contracts with the average contract being 400 bucks for the season...and having 30 + customers send U a 100 bucks each month in Dec. Jan. Feb. & March sure helps out.....:drinkup:
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    I think the mistake some guys make in the lawn and landscape industry is setting there businesses up to NEED the money from snow removal.

    I'm solo. been in business for 7 years now. I do snow removal for one reason and one reason only. because I WANT to. during the working season I make enough money to carry me through the winter months if I decided to get out of the snow removal business. so when it snows its all extra money for me.

    I realize depending on where you are in business you may not make enough just yet to no need to do snow removal but I know some of the guys in business purposely operate year after year after year counting on snow removal income.
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    I do snow soley for people i mow for for the reason of keeping other contractors out of there. I hate pushing snow its hard on everything involved including me haha. But around here people want a one stop shop its nearly impossible to land a commercial mowing job without also doing snow removal so i do what i need to to keep the account. Plus its nice to have a extra unexpected paycheck. I agree with yard guy i don't count or plan on any income from snow. I budget my money to have x amount every month december through march. Any money i get on top of that well lets be honest i have a little fun with it but i try to keep most of it put away until at least i know all my equipment is serviced and my trucks made it through the winter.
  8. Darryl G

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    Yeah I hear you. I turned around because one of the state roads was unplowed and I had to be on the throttle too hard. It just wasn't worth it.

    I don't know if I mentioned it but this was the first storm I've driven in with a GPS unit and it was a big help. I could see where the road was OK but it was hard to get any feel for where I actually was due to the low visibility...the GPS was a big help with that and alerting me to upcoming turns in the road.
  9. dstifel

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    Finally in for the night started yesterday at little after noon spraying parking lots. Got a short dinner break and started plowing. Timing of the storm was about perfect. Was able to get all commercials opened up a little before 6 am. Got all the residentials that pay to be open by 7 done. Investment of the small tractor with blower was amazing. Especially since all my residentials but one I can do three with our loading or unloading. Just finished up my last one of the night. Luckily I have 10 of my 25 residentials that are vacation homes and the owners are down in Florida so I don't have to rush to get them done. Everything went good no breakdowns besides a stubborn starter on the tractor once nothing a couple pops with the hammer didn't fix. Going to catch a 4-5 hour nap then go out and result do to warm conditions today had a lot of thawing going on and I don't want calls about ice due to refreeze. Great storm good amount light snow cant complain there.
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    Glad to hear it worked out well for you. So towing/parking/maneuvering with a trailer wasn't a problem?

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