Do you plow snow?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Landscraper1, Jan 23, 2013.

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    yup 85-100 that's it, I usually go through about 18-19 gallons per bigger storm like over 10" I don't consider a tank of gas per storm anything to lose sleep over either, I sleep very well, for 6-10 hours every night. my truck has two tanks and between the two of them I have put 40 gallons in total, but i really have to run them down far to fit that much in there, so in the winter i only fit 19 in the front tank and usually 16 in the smaller rear tank. I drive around in 2wd whenever possible. plus i never shut my truck off until i'm completely done with my route and at my house meaning it will idle for a few hours during my route. so that doesn't help my fuel economy but its fine how it is really.
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    On that 10 inch storm I rolled out at 6:45pm with 5 inches on the ground until 12:55am and parked it, then rolled back out around 8:45am and wrapped it up around 5:30pm = 15 hours, but some bsing and leisure time in there and stopped to refuel before heading home. A friend of mine was in from Santa Barbara so I helped her with digging out the cars at her parent's and chatted. I was probably there an hour and got some awesome brownies from her :) It takes a while to do my place and I do a few neighbors for free as well as a lawn customer who is active Navy and out on a submarine. I billed it all at 2x my normal rate, but according to my terms I could have billed at 2.5 times. About 2/3 of my route got 2 pushes and the tail end got 1. I dunno, probably 25 paid accounts and 5 or so freebies. As long as I'm at $150/hr or so I'm happy. I generally don't get out of my truck at all while it's still coming down, so my first leg was all driving. I could have brought a helper for the second leg but decided I had it under control solo. Both of my sons are trained for stick plow and snowblower duty.

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    Are these commercial, residential or both? For commercial I can see being able to do that, but residentials seem to be very resistant to a seasonal contract in my opinion. Please enlighten us if you can.

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    commercial. I do bid a few per push but I still am 90% seasonal. I would like to be around 75/25 so I can make money when it snows instead of losing money every storm but hey it works out.

    I have got a few residential to do seasonal. Its a lot easier after a bad winter. With this winter and last you can kiss that goodbye.

    The few I do get are multifamily houses, work crazy hours, or are full service.

    Full service seems to be the easiest way to go. I even worked my contracts different ways since some wont pay for clean ups, others want stuff like gutter cleanings included. Then I charge them on a 10 monthly payments. This way if they want to cancel because theres no snow they already paid for it!
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    I'm like you I keep back ups of as much stuff as I can. personally I don't have a back up truck or plow but I have people who can help with that in a pinch. but I'm usually doing snow removal solo and I always load my truck with 2 snow blowers and 2 to 3 shovels. almost had to use the back up snow blower last night.

    yep I leave my truck running from the time I leave the driveway until the time I come back home as well. unless I stop for gas in the middle of my route which isn't very often. I usually make sure I have the truck filled and everything else I need before the storm.
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    I started doing snow last year with a skid steer. I enjoy doing it. Gets to be long hours sometimes but I'm young haha

    I ended up buying a pusher this fall, amazing how much faster it makes things go! For next year would like to get maybe 4-5 more accounts. Would also be nice to get my own dump truck for landscaping and snow but one thing at a time.

    The way I look at it, if you have the equipment why wouldn't you do it?? But it's not something you should depend on for income. I see and hear about all kinds of people that are depending on snow and suffering because of that.
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    A recent run of the NAM weather model predicts 4 to 5 feet of snow in parts of the northeast this weekend, lol.


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    At the end of article that says "New England will be Buried this Weekend". It briefly talks about it will snow 2" a hour if two storms collide. Hmmmmm, that sounds like that perfect storm nonsense about Sandy.
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    If we get what they're forcasting you're gonna have a REALLY long weekend. I've got new snows going on the truck tomorrow and chains at the ready.

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