Do you save their info?


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Maybe this has been discussed before, maybe not. I just can't remember.

You go on an estimate for lawn maintenance or fertilization......
You don't get the account.

Do you save the potential customer's name and address? Then the following year market to them again by either calling them or sending out a letter to see if they are in the market to hire a new lawn service.
Just wondering.

We haven't done this in the past but I think this year, we might start saving any good potential customer we don't get, and then the following year try again.
Anyone have good results doing this?

Lawn Dog2001

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I do this and I have found it to be very affective, especially for pesticide work.

A lot of times just because you didnt get the job, dosent mean the company that beat you out pleased the customer. Marketing your company to those who have already aquired about your services, keeps your name fresh in your head.

I consider it building a database full of people that you know are interested in a profesional landscape service. There will be a much higher percentage of sales when marketing to people you already know use profesional landscape services. As opposed to mass advertising when the vast majority of your ads quickly find the trash.

Even customers that have canceled service in the past, I continue to send advertisments to. I have noticed that a lot of times, people will come back, and appreciate that you still appreciate their business.

Very good topic. Although dosent this belong in the business forum moderater? :) :D Just Kidding!:D

Randy Scott

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We save it for two years and that's it. Start's to add up and take space as hard copy in file cabinets and wasted computer space. Any longer and they're on their own to call us.


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Landed 5 contracts this year by doing so. I was High in the mowing side and found that out by the guy that used to do it. So this year altered a few numbers to make it come out a little low in mowing and high in hedge trimming and fert and had signed contract within a week. By the way in the year contract I actually added over 200 more for this year on to it. Makes you wonder if they only look at the mowing part and not the rest. ??? Oh well.
I find it best to hound those that use my services instead of those that wished they could afford it.


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We usually save the information for that season and the following. After that we stop marketing to them. Nobody likes to constantly receive junk mail year after year.


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I was just working on this the other day. I always save a copy of each estimate and it started building up, so I entered them all in a spreadsheet and tossed the paper.

Gene $immons

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I will save the info for a couple of seasons, and send them some advertising at least twice a year.

After I give a bid, I do a follow-up call a few days later and close a lot of sales that way.

I also put one- timer customers in my mailing list and send information to them every once in a while.

Turfcutters Plus

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Save them.I've often received new accounts doing this.I still have them from 12 years ago.For example,If someone called for poweredging 6 years ago,i'll look in my non-customer file for their name(alphabetically of course).Find their 3 by 5 card and call in feb. for other work.I just got a new lawn account doing this.What's also nice about saving numbers with a system is it screens out past pitas you forgot about.HUGE time saver here!I can look up in seconds upon caller.By the way,the poweredging job was turned down in the beginning!Save everything,organize in winter.Simple:D