Do you sell it or store it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, May 31, 2005.

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    Used equipment. Not the big stuff like Z's but the smaller stuff like trimmers, edgers, backpack blowers. Do you just keep them as a back up, sitting in the corner of the shed or garage? I am sort of a pack rat like that, ya know I hate to get rid of something thats paid for and still has life.

    I am tossing around the thought of buying a new backpack blower but I have a Shindy EB630. I paid almost 500 for it in 2001 and it has been a good unit but I believe its time for new. What do I do with the Shindy? I have a friend who wants to buy it but I don't even know how to price it. (anyone have ideas on what its worth) Then again I could just put it in the corner?

    So what do you guys do, sell it or store it?
  2. mbricker

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    Back-up equipment is good. Do you already have a back-up blower? If not, store this one. Who knows--you might even need a helper using it when you have so much leaf clean-up in the fall that you can't get it all done solo.

    To store: Start it and run it until it's warmed up. Shut it off and dump all the fuel out. Start it again and run it until it uses all the fuel still in the lines and carb. Flip the choke closed and make it sputter a couple of seconds longer. Let it cool off until the exhaust isn't hot to the touch. Cover it with a heavy trash bag. Hang it up.

    When you need it, fresh fuel should be all it takes to make it run.
  3. MOW ED

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    Yes I already have a backup that my wife uses when she comes out to help me. She doesn't like the Shindy because its a heavy bugger. I fog out and store all my 2 cycle stuff for the winter except for the blower. It is so nice to actually blow the light dusting of snow instead of shoveling.
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I guess im a pack rat. I save the old trimmers that arent any good, thinking I may need a part of some sort 1 day. If you dont all ready have a back up blower I would keep it.I try to have a back up for every piece of equipment that I use on a regular basis. Now fellas dont get me wrong here, theese are yalls own words from this site. The stihls are on re-call (fuel problem) the red max (shocking people) and the echo ( 2 units the motors seized) all theese post in the last week, I would definately hang on to it for a while till I found out the new blower was ok. Im thinking about a new blower also and Im thinking about a shindy 630, thinking about getting one before the new models come out, seems alot of bugs in the newer models but that is expected
  5. impactlandscaping

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    Ed, we used to keep all that stuff until I heard Monroe Porter giving a speech about keeping old stuff(you know, just in case..).How reliable will that equipment be if it has had a full life , and you are considering a new onefor replacement? Hiw reliable will it be in a year or so? And broken trimmers...sell or toss them. You waste valuable space in you garage / shop keeping old , useless things around. It's much cheaper to go buy a new part or even a new unit if the need arises. I keep one backup of each small handheld equipment. Our backups are essentially new. I would never hang something on my trailer that I couldn't use every day if I had to. That's my . 02 :D

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    I save most of the stuff as my guys can tear up stuff and I need to get parts off of the old. Now the secret to this is to have all the same model stuff.
    I changed to Stihl hand held this year so as the Echo stuff gets retired all of it will go in the trash.
  7. DGM

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    I keep all the old stuff, if you stick to the same line of equipment when you replace it then the stuff is worth more in parts than it is if you sell it, unless you get a really nice offer, Carbs =$ 80-100, Coil =$80 - 100, recoil assembly $20-35 then any of the cosmetic stuff that may get accidently broken, Usually one or the other is kept in good condition (engine/machine) until one or the other is beyond repair, if the equipment is still good, repair or replace the engine and keep making money, if the machine is just worn out then anything usefull comes off and the rest goes to the dump, then once your collection of spare parts are more than you need sell some of the parts, probably get close to what you would have sold the worn out equipment for anyways
  8. Precision

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    I have back ups but they all go into the rotation.There is nothing worse for equipment than letting it just sit around.

    Example. I own 3 backpack blowers. 1 is 18 months old, one is 9 months old and the other is 3 months old. This week 1 and 2 get used. Next week 2 and 3. The next week 3 and 1. I will get much better life out of all of them. They are all getting used and maintained and I always know the back up will work cause we just used it a week or two ago.

    Nothing worse than having a back up that is unreliable.
  9. cantoo

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    Most of our equipment is for sale at all times. I buy and sell stuff so we always have way more than we need. We sell alot by auction in the spring to the new crop of start ups looking to get into cutting. If a piece of equipment breaks down and we need it right away we just buy a brand new one and piece together the old one and off it goes(with a note saying what is wrong). In the spring people seem to buy stuff for more than it's worth so I might as well sell it to them.

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