do you shave?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    another in relation to appearance. how important is it to shave, put on nice clothes, and look presentable when doing an estimate? and, is it different depending on what kind of serice you are estimating? today: started a huge leaf cleanup, me and chico. had 3 estimates to do. i personally worked for 3 hrs, then went to do these estimates. windy, cold, wet and dirty. i looked like i escaped from alcatraz. although i am sportin a new haircut, and i trimmed my wiskers, i'm afraid i looked a bit shabby. i'm booked up pretty solid for two weeks, and the end is near as far as leaf cleanup, so i quoted high. i got 2 of the 3 jobs, and am almost positive the 3rd will call tommorow. when quoting leaf cleanup, which is a dirty job, do u guys "dress up" for it?
  2. MOW ED

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    Heck no, big ole brown Carrharts and the big work boots. If it was orange I'd look like an inmate. :)
  3. rodfather

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    Just presentable and clean cut.

    People know that you may be coming from the end of a long day's work (especially this time of the year doing leaf clean ups) when you show up at their front door 4 in the afternoon.

    BTW, my tux stays home.
  4. pinnacle

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    Nup.......Goatee and a MO. But I keep em trimmed.

    There are two types of people I found.............The type that think if ya Dirty it's not good and the type that think if ya not your not working hard enough.

    And it's realy hard to tell them apart on the phone.
    I never know...........I think the best bet is the be clean and well trimmed.
  5. GardenTech

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    We always try to be Neat and Tidey, but breaking away during the workday to do Estimates makes that tough to do. If that's the case, I usually preface an interview with: " I apologize for my apperance, another rough day in the Trenches, now show me what you have in mind" and move on...
  6. nelbuts

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    Bobby, just depends on where ya talking about!:D
  7. BravesFan

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    Clean shaven is the way to go. Nothing wrong with a neatly trimmed mustache or goat. either.

    Throw a few clean collared shirts in the back of your truck.

  8. the scaper

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    in the fall i wear khaki shirts & hat, jeans and boots, kinda resembles a uniform. . i tend to keep my hair clean cut but let my beard grow a little in the fall. i think the customer feels a little more comfortable if i look like i've been working. when i bid leaf jobs i usually have the trailer with me and i'm dirty and ready to go with it, just a matter of getting the price right. basically i try to keep the shirt tucked in, be polite, talk professionally and try not to come across as a potential axe murderer :D for bigger jobs like installations for a new customer i'll try to wear clean clothes and take the company truck without the trailer.
  9. BBS

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    what if they say,"that apology isn't good enough!" what do I do then? :D
  10. olderthandirt

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    Clean shaven, I have to I'm so grey most customers would think I would fall over dead soon as I actually had to work.


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