do you take bi-weekly accounts?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by smallstripesnc, Jan 12, 2013.

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    My first year I had my first EOW. The customer lied and claimed her lawn never grows. The lawn needed to be cut every week. We parted ways half way through the season.

    Second year I was asked to do a lawn weekly and her FIL's lawn EOW by a new customer.

    I relayed my bad experience from the year before and that if the lawn grew too much it was going to be switched over. She said FIL's lawn hardly grows. She was truthful.

    What I have decided to do when someone wants EOW I will tell them that the lawn gets mowed once. There will be no 2nd cuts done to make the lawn look good.

    I also now price my EOW lawns 50% more to the extra load the taller grass puts on the equipment. The customer still saves money.

    $30 cut @ 4/5 month $120-150.
    $45 cut @ 2/3 month $ 90-135.

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    Im just looking for input and since I dont do contracts I guarantee I wont have a full schedule since a lot of people just price shop and some even have moved. So im going to be taking on more lawns and was wondering how everyone handles the dreaded "can you only cut every two weeks?" Question.
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    Charge 1.5 times what you would normally charge if you were to be mowing their lawn every week. That seems to be one of the better ways to approach it.

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    That and how often do you usually come, I just say I come every week. I remember a thread like this and I asked how do you not have biweekly accounts, I forgot who it was but they said "I just simply don't give them the option". It actually works. Most people will do that wierd thing when someone tells you a really high price that's where you just stand there and don't say anything just watch them. You're going to see the wheels turning and they are going to think about it and that's where they usually say ok
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    But every once in a while you will get the real bull headed customer who will flat out say no we only want our lawn done every other week. And then you have to decided whether you want to work something out or lose the account to some other company.

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    This is pretty much what I do. Average price or $40-50/weekly or $50-60 every other week.

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