do you think the customer really cares?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. bobbygedd

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    WE KNOW that the correct way to run our business, is to carry the proper insurences, permits, collect and pay sales tax, etc, etc. BUT, do you think the customer really cares about these things? do you think, in the customers mind, there is something that says, "yes, i will pay this guy more, for the same job, because he has all the proper credentials". the fact is, it's lawn cutting, and yardwork. there are many many companies providing great service, at lower prices, that are not carrying the proper credentials. do you think the customer cares?
  2. green thum

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    I don't think they care until something happens and they need our insurance.they sure as heck don't want to pay us more because we are running our companies the right way!!
  3. rodfather

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    Do they care? Nope. That or they just assume I carry the proper credentials.
  4. freddyc

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    I think they mostly care that they get a good job done for the lowest price. Some people are more particular about results, but ins and so on.... they probably don't think a lot about it. They of course assume that if you mess up their property or throw a rock thru the window, then you will cover it.

    If there were a news story about some lco throwing a rock and killing a child, then a lot more people would pay attention. Mostly there are only stories anbout people running their own child over and such. Horrible, but I guess if you pull up with a trailer full of equipment they consider you an expert.

    When you go about your own normal life, do you inquire about everyones credentials?? (the plumber, electrician, mechanic, baker, hair stylist...). Some people do, most don't.
  5. jeffex

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    They don't care. How many big wigs have been in the news because they don't pay employment taxes on their help. I know people who have been contractors for many years without PROPER lisc. They do great work and their honest . THATS what keeps customers coming back not a piece of paper. Its always a balance of quality vs. price for them. Very simple Economics and licensing and insurance are only a small % of the equation. It comes into play BIG time however, when a customer is looking for someone out of the yellow pages or newspaper that they have no reference for .IMO
  6. Charles

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    I have rarely been asked about whether I have Insurance. Either people assume you have it or dont care. I have tried to use Insurance as a sales pitch for the customer not to use a local lowballer. The customers said "I don't really care about that" I keep Insurance for my own piece of mind and for the fact that what can go wrong will go wrong at anytime.
  7. Precision

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    They don't care right up until you ram their car with the ZTR or your helper cuts off a finger in their front yard.

    I have clients ask me all the time to to "minor" tree work, like topping an 80' Pine tree. I tell them my insurance won't cover that or their house if I crush it. 60% respond with some form of "I won't tell them".

    Yeah but you sure will sue the crap out of me if I drop the tree through your roof.

    Cheaper is better and that I accept all losses that might be incurred. That is the standard desire.

    Some people are exceptions. I actually had a guy call to see if I was liscensed the other day. Still didn't get the account.
  8. lawnman_scott

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    I think they care in a way. If you have a nice truck, trailer, look respectable, have a estimate sheet/contract that doesnt look like a child made it up, they will assume you have the proper licensing, insurance, ect. I cant beleive some of the "contracts" I have seen that are being used by "professionals"?

    There are 5 classes of people though I have found. low end residentials, no one wants them. Mid level residential and small commercial, will pay a bit more if everything seems legit. High end res will pay more, and may evan ask if you have license ect, but usually will take your word for it with no proof. Large or high end commercial will ask to see verification of license/insurance sometimes.
  9. olderthandirt

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    Nope! low price gets the job.

    With few exceptions.
  10. Expert Lawns

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    I have never had a customer ask if I'm insured. I have never had to use my insurance for anything. So far it's been pointless. Like Chris Rock said, "It should be called incase **** happens. If nothing happens, shouldn't I get some of that money back"


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