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Do you trust flyer delivery "companies"?


LawnSite Senior Member
Charlotte, NC
I know this has been discussed. I wanted a new fresh look from other people though. Have you used one of these before? What did you think about them?

Raymond S.

LawnSite Senior Member
They say talking to yourself is fine, it's when you answer that there is a problem...:dizzy:

To answer your question, I have not used them nor do I know of one in my area. Wish I did as I'd probably give it a try.


LawnSite Gold Member
The companies that are basically one or two-man operations (like most I've dealt with) I trust those guys...it's in their best interests to actually put your flyers out. I suppose they could skimp here or there but if you aren't getting the response you think you should get, you'll probably stop using them right?

Any company that actually has workers putting them out, if you go with them, you'd probably want to drive around and do some random checking to make sure they are getting put out.