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Do you use net lights for your bushes?

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by DeepGreenLawn, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,372

    Was wandering if you guys used net lights for bushes or not. It seems I see a lot of bushes where the net is not large enough. Then it might not be small enough...

    Just seems that there may be a lot of restrictions.

    SO, if you use regular minis, what is the best way to get the best look on trees and bushes?
  2. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 587

    I dont use net lights. Using mini's you jsut have to make sure everything looks nice when you step back and look at it. A lot of the time I use a 12.5 foot 25 light set for my minis which helps not having to many lights left over, or just to little.
  3. turf hokie

    turf hokie LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,751

    Absolutely no net lights. Very unprofessional in my opinion. Just step back an squint to see the lights better if it is still sunny out. Or if you are half blind like I am just take of your glasses.
  4. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,372

    LOL, thats me to a "T"
  5. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,645

    no nets.

    dang deep green- I think you have started more threads in the past 7 days than I did in 6 months. 10, 15, threads? / I am predicting tomorrow's threads-

    1 "Green Wire or White wire, pro's and cons? "
    2 "ladders"?
    3 "which timer is best"
    4 staple, or clip?
    5 etc.

    I guess since i've settled those issues and more, I don't think to ask about them. and I'm just poking fun, and I am always willing to help, But it seems this forum spends a lot of time answering questions to guys who have never done this. And I wish it had more theads between guys who have experience that talk about what works better and why, who makes better product and why, marketing that worked and didn't etc. I guess I'd like to get as much out of this forum as I give.
  6. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,372

    Then start asking away... there are guys here with experience, I don't have experience with lights but with my lawn care company I can tell you that I do all my ads with a local community magazine and that brings in more business during the business season than I can handle almost. I have a full 2 page spread in the back. It's weird though... I have 3 of them and each month one does great and the others fall off. then they switch. I can't get a pattern, I have no idea why this is. But as long as one is keeping me busy that is enough, I couldn't imagine if all 3 were going strong with calls all at once... :dizzy:
  7. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,372

    I do post a lot, I have a lot of questions and need a lot of answers, I ask you to be patient, I was the same way with the organics and now I am like you answering questions and posting more "educated" questions.

    Give me a month or so and all the basic questions will be out there... it helps with new guys in the future too... I am asking because I need to know AND I try to ask in a way that others can find these threads later and find them useful. There is always A TON of lurkers and they all seem to follow me so maybe we are doing more good than you think? I ask the questions no one else wants to ask?
  8. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 587

    You crack me up!

  9. DeepGreenLawn

    DeepGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,372


    Would it make you mad if I posted those as new threads? I am not kidding and I am not trying to piss you off... those are good questions that newbies like myself would love the answers to. I don't want you coming on and seeing them and then go $(R^ $O(YQ#+$ $YO$Y(O@$ $Y+@!!!!!

    $*@(* new guys! And not provide us with your great insight and expertise.

    Thanks... I have some answers to them but like I said, a lot of this is stuff I am really wanting to know, AND later on we can tell other newbies to search for threads started by me. Then they can have all these questions answered without having to ask them over and over... I am trying to title them as bluntly as possible so the topic will be obvious of the thread.
  10. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 587

    I think you should be able to search these thread and find a lot of these answers.

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