Do you wash your Spreader/ Sprayers off Everyday?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Lar6493, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Aluminum oxide is different then rust, it won't flake off and actually protects the metal under it from further corrosion.

    I had the pleasure of being able to identify all the non stainless pieces on my exmark when the dealer left it outside for a month. :realmad:

    The cables and small fittings on the hardware and controls aren't stainless, caused my choke and fert pattern control to stick. Took a few days of spraying pen oil to get them smooth again.
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    Fertilizer will eat through your aluminum transmission case in about 3 years. If not cleaned, fertilizer particles lodge in the crevices between the cooling fins. Not sure if paint will help this problem.
    For my sprayer and reel, I was not satisfied with Rust-Oleum, I thought it dried too slowly. I sanded, applied rust reformer, anti-rust primer, and then anti-rust outdoor implement paint. Usually Ace hardware brand. Try to find a premium brand.
    At times, I also applied black spray-on rubberized auto undercoating for certain areas.
    Of course, at times the temperatures were rather low--it was winter down time, right?
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    Sherwin Williams has some good metal enamels for outdoor equipment and you can get a catalyst for a lot of the solvent based ones. This will speed up the drying and make the finish even harder.
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    I don't know where it is legal to wash off a sprayer?
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    On a spill pad ;)
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    So every builds a lined pit:rolleyes:
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