Do you work "In" your business or "On" your business?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MDLawn, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. SydneyLawnCare

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    Thanks wbw, I'll do my absolute best. I have to get to a lot of work starting this week (It's sunday here).

    Time to get on the grind! If I do become successful with this, I will come back and share the EXACT same steps I did to launch a company from scratch to seven figures in this industry. Then you can emulate it and maybe even one up it.

    Until then, I'm going to get to work. As usual..

  2. JContracting

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    I don't see anywhere, where he is telling people they are wrong. And Sydney, get a picture thread going!

    And like very few, I am not concerned with equipment, I care the costs of operating & its efficiency. Too many in this industry are all about "this skid steer, this truck or this mower & particular bagger system" people like that, will be stuck in the field for life.
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  3. GMLC

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    Sydney, post a pic of your door hangers!!
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  4. SydneyLawnCare

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    Stop sucking up to me now GMLC haha. And there arriving this week.

    PS: I love Boston and your accents!
  5. GMLC

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    Boston is a fun city. Im 45 minutes north and spend some time there when I have it.

    LOL you wont catch me sucking up, but I will give you my honest opinion on your hangers. Plus I have never seen 300,000. I buy lots of 5000 during certain times of the season.
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  6. jrs.landscaping

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    If you don't care about equipment what is supposed to take pictures of?
  7. Chilehead

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  8. SydneyLawnCare

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    If you haven't ever seen 300,000 then that is good. I will show you a picture once I go get them this week. Being different is the goal. Theres a reason the top 1% own most of the wealth in our countries, because they do things different. (I would kill to have your country's tax system over mine.)

    I also agree that equipment opinion. I'm in business to reduce overhead and increase profits all while keeping good quality control for our customers. Oh, can't forget my shareholders too ;).
  9. Raymond S.

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    Sydney have you ever seen 300k? It will come probably come on 5 skids. We do 25k EDDM which are larger and it takes up a skid. Door hangers will be smaller. Good luck...
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  10. MDLawn

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    Yea that is my one problem. I don't do it and don't even want to.
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