Do your workers belong in Halloween costumes?

Are you sick and tired of the revolving door? You hire a person only to have them work for a week (if you are lucky) then they leave without notice! How do you like the guys that look at their watch and say, "I have to leave. It is 5 P.M." Then on Saturday you are ready to conquer the world and no one shows up! Do you like the guys that tell you how to run YOUR business or calculate how much money you are taking in? Those guys never consider the expenses, overhead or the risks you are taking in running your own business.
Marcus Drake Consultants have years of experience assisting seasonal business to obtain foreign workers with U.S. legal H2B class work visas. We supply workers to landscapers, tree care companies, hotels, resorts, casinos and any seasonal business.
The people come from a foreign country with a "can do" attitude. They get a Social Security Number and work for your peak season only. After the season is over, they go back to their country and if you like them, they come again the next year. This is a win win get great people and they get a good job.
We are a full service company. We maintain offices in many foreign countries and our trained agents hand pick the employees from our pool of qualified candidates. Further, they help them with the consular process in their home country. Our U.S.A. office staff assists with all the paperwork in dealing with all levels of the Government. We make the difficult process easy and affordable.
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Thanks for the question. I will be posting more information under my forum (where all the manufacturers are listed). You need begin to file 4 months from when you want them to arrive. This is a long process with many steps thru the Govenment.
Marcus Drake