Documentation for Employee's who drive company vehicles

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by zimmatic, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. zimmatic

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    I am in Minnesota, and I would like some help on making sure for proper documentation for employee's that are driving company vehicles in case of accidents

    All vehicles do NOT have a combined weight over 26k gvw
    All vehicles have hydraulic breaks
    All vehicles have flares and fire extinguishers (secured in vehicle)

    1. I know they need health cards
    2. I know they need mvr's ran on them to be insured or valid license.
    3. Do I "NEED" a log book? If so is there a govt fact sheet to verify that?
    4. Do I “NEED" an inspection report 1X a day per vehicle? If so is there a govt fact sheet to verify that?

    5. Do I "NEED" annual reviews of any item that needs to be on file? If so is there a govt fact sheet to verify that?

    Thanks in advance
  2. orangemower

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    You need to contact the DOT in your state/county and ask them these same questions. You're asking "lawn boys" that don't have a clue. Ask the person that might issue a ticket these questions, the DOT officer from your county/state.
  3. pinto n mwr

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    you need all of the above and more....
    thing is that if you are 100% legal/legit on the road, equipment is functioning correctly etc, you will still get a ticket for something.

    this past Tuesday i got pulled over and everything for the truck and trailer checked out fine, the ticket i got was for not having safety triangles. I had safety FLARES. The ticket stated "no emergency warning devices onboard"

    So..... do as much as you can to limit the amount of damage you WILL receive.
  4. zimmatic

    zimmatic LawnSite Senior Member
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    I should clarify I have triangles not flares typo/mistake

    I would agree though limit exposure for the ticket you will recieve.
  5. djagusch

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    I second this. I got a ticket on Thurs, mowers strapped down but were old/worn so ticket for that. The other was for the daily inspection report. (which I have been pulled over before and said I didn't need it, the landscaper rule of the road sheet says no, and my DOT audit officer said no).

    Anyways. If you are in MN only go to the MNDOT site and look for a "landscapers rules of the road" pdf handout. It gives a summary of what you need to know. If you go across state lines you follow federal DOT also (I do this daily) which is different.

    Do your best and be prepared with lube when you get pulled over.
  6. jrs.landscaping

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    A log book is only if you travel over 100 miles from your registered base. After that you run into a whole bunch of rules and regulations. Inspection reports are handy for you to know what trucks need, but DOT will find something your drivers didn't. If you cross state lines you will most likely have to be registered with DOT numbers. When your guys get pulled over tell them to treat the officer like he's king of the world because no one likes to have a truck put out of service bacause the officer's in a bad mood.
  7. zimmatic

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    do you think fast straps would pass for the inspection on open trailers? Thanks for the mndot landscapers rule of the road. The other vehicals are all enclosed box trucks. I think I will have the fact sheet laminated and then if stoped make sure they hand the fact sheet, health card, license, ins etc.

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