dodge 5.9 mpg

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by EXR, Jun 3, 2011.

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    25mpg is also high doubtful with just a drop in filter and using mystery oil! I know for a fact to because I read Diesel Power too and the best of mpg was a Duramax LBZ and those 10 contestant trucks were built for MPG on that specific test! Some would even tape cardboard around there rims and tape up their grill for better aerodynamics.Ps the Dura got 24mpg
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  2. Poontamer

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    So theres noway your getting 35mpg for a stock Cummins. I rather be Cummin than Strokin
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  3. TimTim2008

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    4.7lt ram1500, aprox 15mpg
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    Shoulda went Hemi
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    And that 4.7 aint getting 15mpg pulling any kind of a load.
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    For what
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  8. South Florida Lawns

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    When you guys are throwing up these numbers, are they hand calc or the overhead console? I do the math and get 17mpg towing in the city with my 05 2wd cummins. The overhead thing runs about 3mpg higher.

    I need to take a trip and see what kind of highway millage I get. My truck is stock but has cat delete and a performance muffler.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    My new ram has the 6.7 I get 9-10 mpg towing about 6000 pounds plus 2-3000 more in grass. Now empty on the other hand the ram 4500 is getting as good as 16 mpg and for a truck that weighs 9300 pounds empty that's not that bad.

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