Dodge and Cummins job cuts-ouch!!!

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  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    DaimlerChrysler (Dodge owners) just announced that they are cutting 26,000 jobs in the next 3 yrs, and that is 20% of their national jobs. Cummins, where my dad works, is cutting a bunch of jobs where they make the famed in-line 6 cyl. 24 valve turbo deisel, the one that Dodge puts in their pickup trucks. the plant where they make those engines is the one my dad works at. Dad works in maintenance, so his job is one of the more "secure" jobs in that plant, but this still concerns us. Who all else is concerned about this and what do you think about it all? Who all uses Dodge trucks? who all uses one with a Cummins? I realize that a deisel isn't very well suited to this business, but there are people who use them... What's your take on this?
  2. slplow

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    You hear about this all the time wether it's dodge, ford, gm or any other manufacture. Don't look at it as a bad thing.They usually make the co.mush stronger in the long run by doing lay offs.
  3. plowking35

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    You can chalk most of what is happening with DC to the Diamler side of that equation. Since they have merged, Chrysler has been on a steady downturn.
    Now with purported rumors that DC will drop the cummins in the near future, will ceratainly mean layoff for Cummins. That contract is worth I hear 1 bil a year to cummins, so losing that much revenue will certainly hit home. One would think that another maker would pick that line up, but with recent emission laws being passed, that series of engines is destined to medium duty platforms only.
    The new generation of diesels will have to be quieter, and more emission friendly if the EPA continues to get its way.
  4. plowjockey

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    If the EPA has their way we will all soon be plowing with Honda Civic's and lawnmower blades. LOL But seriously they seem to be trying to legislate out anything that can work.
    Just my two cents
  5. guntruck

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    I use a dodge with a cummins..... I heard that doge is gonna use the mercedes diesel when they can the cummins........dont know for sure though.
  6. FrankenScagMachines

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    good comments Bruce.
    Guntruck: how do you like your dodge cummins combo? almost everybody who's ever used one says the love it. There is a group of people, retired couples mostly who have a Cummins turbo deisel rally, that is they drive Dodge Cummins trucks and pull huge campers and boats and stuff and they have get togethers. Last year, they had it at the Cummins plant about 30 miles from here where they make that engine. What you said is what we've been hearing around here... that will drop DaimlerChrysler's sales by a bunch... there are a bunch of people around here who said that they like the truck, but really bought it for the engine... they just love that engine around here.. but it plays a big part of our economy too...
    Guys: What i'm saying is, i just hope my Dad doesnt get laid off or whatever... though he's likely to stay, it doesn't guarantee very much... we know several people who got laid off... it's kinda like a disaster for some people here... this town has got a population of about 38,000 people and this'll hurt it....
  7. thelawnguy

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    Read that article this am- - they will eliminate the jobs over 3 years most due to retirement and attrition. GM is also giving close to 15,000 the ax, and the list included Lucent, Caterpillar, Ford,...

    Its my understanding Cummins has an agreement with Dodge through the 2007 model year.
  8. FrankenScagMachines

    FrankenScagMachines LawnSite Platinum Member
    from IN
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    i think you're right on the Cummins-Chrysler agreement to 2007.. and i'm sure that most other companies are cutting back too... i just didn't think about it much farther than where i live...
  9. ProSeasons

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    Who says you can't plow with a Cummins?I got one in a 1 ton and it plows with out the EGT's going up.No problem.
  10. eskals

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    Here in Southeast lower Michigan, this will have a large impact. Those of us in SE Michigan live and die by the auto industry. Nearly everything is related to the auto industry. I can;t remember the exact figure, but the vast majority of those living in SE MI have some ties to the auto industry. Maybe they don;t work for GM, Ford, or DCX, but maybe they work for a parts supplier or they work for an auto industry employee. Essentially, if the auto companies are doing good, then SE MI is doing good, and if the Auto industries are doing poorly, SE MI is in trouble.

    Having said this, we have been though an absolutely record breaking economy. It has been a real boom here since the early 1990s. Somethings, like development and housing value, have had tremendous, unchecked growth. This economic downturn should slow things down to a more resonable level. Unfornately, along with the slower economy comes job cuts.

    The economy runs in cycles of boom and bust. It is a fact of life that after a boom period comes a slow period. That is what we are faced with now after a record boom period.


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