Dodge lamp out problem

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Accu-cut Lawn Care, Dec 31, 2006.

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    I just recently had a flatbed installed on my 04 Dodge Ram 1500. The problem is that when the taillights were disconnected and replaced with trailer lights, the lamp out sensor trips every time I hit the brakes or use turn signals. It his very annoying to hear it ding every time I signal or brake. I am planning on possibly utilizing the factory light wiring when I finish up the rear fascia...but until then, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Do the lights work correctly? If the only alerting was the light itself are you perhaps not using all the wires..........say were there 3 and you're using 2 or something with the new light assembly?

    If everything is connected correctly I would look over every inch of any wire you may have relocated or cut or touched.........example being:

    I put AC back into my car this summer from an accident I was involved in........system worked and was cold but I kept blowing fuses. Everything was hooked up correctly and for a month I didn't know what was wrong. Then I was under the car changing the oil and noticed a wire I had sandwhiched between the condensor and the core was worn bare, grounding and blowing my fuse.

    Perhaps somthing similar is causing your system to read incorrectly.
  3. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    I believe my dodge uses a 3 wire hookup and the lights that were installed are 2. Is there anything I can do in the interim to just keep the lamp out function from annoying me to death?
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    The third wire is probably a ground for the Lamp Out Switch. I would find out just what the third wire does when hooked up correctly. It is possible that you can tap it into one of the other wires and stop the Lamp Out Switch from going off. You just need to find out which one it connects to.

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