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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowerbrad, May 15, 2010.

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    I know, I've asked quite a bit about trucks over the last few months, but I'm still searching for a new truck. I've slowed down my search quite a bit as I ruled out the Fords (just can't stand the interiors) and am back to the Duramax trucks. However, just recently I started thinking about the dodge cummins trucks.

    I'd be looking at 2003 and newer (so it would be the newer body style). It be 2500 quad cab short box and 4x4. I'm not picky about options anymore just so long that it has power windows, locks and mirrors.

    Anyway, I know dodge used to have all the transmission problems in some of their older trucks but how are the transmissions in the 2003 and newer trucks? Is there anything that I should know about these trucks if I do look at them. I'm trying to gather as much info about these dodge trucks as possible.
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    I have an 03 Ram 3500 Diesel. Its been a pretty good truck exept for the standard injector problems that so many seem to have. The trannys in the 03 and newer is supposidly much upgraded over what used to be used in dodge trucks. I think all the diesels have their problems it seems...... cummins have the injector issues do to inadaquite fuel fitration from the factory. Duramax seem to also have alot of injector problems pre-06 models. Fords.....well.... they dont call it the 6.o-no for nothing.
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    I,ve got a 96 ram 5.2L 1500 quad cab,still runs strong at 120K,replaced trans under warranty at 40K,good dependable truck.My son has an 04 Ram quadcab 4wdr with a 5.7L hemi,gets 20mpg after modifying exhaust,intake and putting a chip in,he's happy as heck with it, quite noisy with the exhaust work,but that's what kids like.
  4. unkownfl

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    The truck will fall apart around the engine and it won't be anywhere near 250k before it happens. You can't stand Ford interiors but can take a Dodge??? The panels are like made of the cheapest plastic ever and the dash is painted and peels or scratches off like a lottery ticket. Stick to the silverado or super duty.
  5. mowerbrad

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    My main thing with the Ford's is the steering wheel. Yes, I know, it such a small thing but there is no opening on the side of the steering wheel where I like to grab it. I'm also to impressed with the shifter, I don't particularly care for the door handles either. I know, I'm completely paranoid when it comes to these small things, but I want a truck that I'm going to be completely happy with, especially the things that I'm going to be using everytime I'm in the truck.

    If I stick with the Duramax (which I'm still hoping for) I'll have to teach a few extra CPR classes to help offset the premium I'll be paying for the duramax.

    I like the look of the dodge trucks and the interiors are also nice in my opinion. But I also don't want a truck thats going to fall apart around me.

    I've learned quite a bit about ford's and chevy/gmc's but I know hardly anything about dodge's.
  6. whosedog

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    Falling apart around the engine?That's funny cause my Dodge is 14+years old and isn't falling apart at all, my dash isn't painted,all trimmed with vinyl ,the interior is fine except for the wear on drivers side seat cushion,my uncle has a 95 ram and his truck is still in mint condition.
  7. unkownfl

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    Apples to Orange man your truck is a dinosaur compare to what hes looking at! FYI I bet your paint is peeling on that dodge though.

    Chevy to Ford interior wise I think the Ford is a simpler design for sure and is basic. I like the Chevy interior but the damn doors don't shut nice nor does the door panels feel solid like the Ford. The electrical on the Silverados I've had all go to crap. The intrusment clusters are garbage (class action law suit because of it). I seem to like the 6.0 just get an 06-07 model you'll be fine. The durmax allison is a nice setup and the interior is luxurious compare to the Fords simple design. The new body style Dodge trucks have like a paint on the dash instead of the actual plastic being the color you see and it peels and scratches really easy. I have a car lot on the side and go through trucks like crazy I've yet to see a newer dodge have decent interior after 100k.
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  8. WH401

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    I have both a 92' Dodge and an 06' Dodge, both with the Cummins. I haven't had any problems on either truck and the 92' is just as strong and solid today as the day it rolled off the dealership lot. How the truck lasts all depends on how it was cared for. If you buy from someone that did nothing to care of it, then ye, your going to get a piece of crap, that's any manufacturer, Ford Chevy or Dodge. But, experiences are like a$$holes, everyone has one so we'll all vary.

    The transmissions in Dodge trucks are perfectly fine, new and old. Most "rumors" of bad trannies in older Dodge trucks stems from inexperience or incompetent users who don't know how to sensibly pull a load, and then they end up damaging the trans. My 92' has 173k on it's original auto right now. The first 55k of it's life was spent by towing 95% of the time, and it still runs fine to this day. (On a side note, the transmission model in that truck doesn't even have a locking torque converter, it's full slip.) If your looking at an 03' truck it could have two transmissions, either the 47re or the 48re. The way to tell is based on which version of the 5.9 it has. If it has the 235 hp standard output engine in it, then you have the 47re. If it has the 305 hp high output engine in it, then you have the 48re. Being as that you have the option for either transmission in 03', I would look for a truck with the 48re, it's the newer transmission when compared to the 47re.

    Some of the common rail 5.9 Dodge trucks made between 03 and 07 have had a few injector issues, but not a fault of the engine. The problem is inadequate filtration. The stock filter is a 10 micron fuel filter, the higher quality stock filter that's available has a 7 micron rating. Problem is, neither of those are adequate to filter the fuel. Really you need at least a 5 micron absolute filter, which filter brand Baldwin does make, so that's nice. If you can though, it's best to have about a 2 - 3 micron filter in there. If you don't filter out the larger particles from the fuel, then the particles will have the same effect on the injectors that sand has to metal when it's blasted out at it at god knows how many psi. See my point?

    Good luck with your search.
  9. 360ci

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    Transmission problems? They're everywhere with every manufacturer. The problem with Dodge is that they state in the owners manual to service the transmission "severe service" every 15K or one year, which A LOT of owners don't do, and thus they have problems saying it's the transmissions fault for breaking as they only serviced it twice in ten years...gee.

    I service my Durango with the 46RE every 1.5 years and the 46RE is one of the more problematic transmissions and I've had no issues in ten years. That includes a lot of abusive off road miles, not to mention about 50-60k towing miles out of the 118K I got on it.

    I like the newer Ford design, but it's not looks that really interest me in a truck, it's about what I plan to do with it. The F HD series has the worst turning radius out of all the HD trucks in any similar configuration. The Dodge crew cab short box bests the F250 HD crew cab short box turning radius by almost eight feet! In a tight area, that's a big difference. With any domestic truck, parts are fairly inexpensive as well and can be found nearly anywhere.

    I'll also add that my DODGE, mind you it's not even a half ton by gov standards (116" WB SUV) can tow 7300lbs, payload of nearly 1600lbs, has a solid rear axle (not front, I know), and with nearly 120K, my interior is in excellent shape. I keep a yellow micro fiber cloth in the glovebox to dust the dash once a week, vacuum the interior once a month and Bissel the carpeting twice a year. If I can keep the frame rust proofed well enough it'll easily last me another ten years. It's truly a multi purpose vehicle and works great for what I ask of it.

    GM Allison is a nice combo, but a V8 DIESEL just ain't right, sorry. GM, gimme the 6.0L gas, or walk away. Let alone when the Allison needs replacement, you'd be better off getting another truck. The only painted Dodge dash was in the Caliber car, where a few interior pieces were colour matched to the exterior hue, the truck dashes aren't painted; look, and you'll see. I think Dodge owners feel more compelled to put their trucks through more abuse, because they know the truck can handle it. I know I do, and my Durango isn't even considered a truck.

    I like the looks of the F250, but it's too large, heavy and bulky for what I'd need it for. Over capable, you bet. I'm not one of those guys that takes tabloid trash to heart, but read this: and you'll find that Consumer Reports listed the F250 second on the WORST VALUE list. Sometimes, it pays to do homework.
  10. TPS

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    I have a 05 2500 and have't had any problems with it since I bought it a year and a half ago. Great truck and tons of power. However, being a 2500 2 door, it rides rough without any weight in the bed, I'm selling and going back to a 1500. My buddy has a 2000 3500 with 260K on it and it runs great. The only expensive repair was injectors. I never knew the dash was painted, could never tell in my truck. I think the layer of dust, from mowing near it and forgetting to put the windows up, helps protect it.

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