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  1. exmark72

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    has ne one ever wondered why dodge doesnt have anything big then the 3500 like a 4500 or 5500 like ford and gmc do? does ne one know why they dont?
  2. Metro Lawn

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    I would have to look it up, but it had something to do with the bailout back in the day. Part of the agreement with Chrysler, was that they would stop building trucks over 1 ton. I will see if I can find more info. We have an old Dodge D700 dump truck and it has been good to us.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I don't think Dodge is really interested in supplying the US and Canada with 1.5-2 ton trucks but they do have them in Mexico. With the Dailmer producing medium duty trucks they don't really need Dodge building a light medium duty truck like a 4500.

    I seriously doubt Dodge engineers could really produce a 4500 truck they have troubles enough trying to make a 3500 dually. Ford and Chev have been building 1.5 ton trucks since 88 so close to 18 years now they have the experience. If Dodge hasn't clued in over the 18 years that there is a market for a 1.5 ton I guess they never will.

    If you really want a ISB powered light medium duty buy a Freightliner atleast your buying a truck. I don't think Dodge has offered a 3500 dually cab and chassis option in a few years I don't mean a P/U with the box removed I mean a true cab and chassis something with a 84" cab axle.

    I do think Chev/GMC screwed up building the new version of the 4500 and 5500 they look way to commercial now you can't try pass off as a regular 1 ton truck when passing through neighbourhoods or non commercial areas.

    Anyhow don't hold your breath you won't be seeing Dodge doing any kind of heavier commericial hauling.
  4. Smalltimer1

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    Rumor has it that Dodge will have a 4500/5500 line of trucks in '07. Don't know if there's any merit to it, but it has been roaming around on TDS.

    For Dodge to offer a 1 1/2 ton to 2 ton truck would be shooting DC in the foot, when they already have FL and Sterling trucks filling those voids. Why reinvent the wheel?
  5. Gravel Rat

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    Like I said if you really want a 1.5 ton truck Freightliner and Sterling both make lowpro trucks that would fill the needs.

    Dodge was never really that big in the cab and chassis market and I really doubt they ever will be Ford and Chev have ruled that market since the 60s.
  6. Smalltimer1

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    Yes I agree, I see a few Dodge 500's, 600's, and 700's every now and then, and have seen one 800 tandem one time. Not close though to the number of F-500's, F-600's, F-700's, F-800's, and C-50's, C-60's, and C-70's in this area ranging from 1963-1998 (when both Ford and GM changed bodies/engines in their MD line of trucks).

    As stated elsewhere though, the most bang for the buck in MD trucks is with International right now. The IH 4300's can be had for less than a comparable Ford or Chevy and are a little more truck like, meaning you can have DT-466 power instead of a smaller V-8 diesel for motivation.

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