Does 21 Toro Pro mulch well

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Holders Residential, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Holders Residential

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    Been thinking about getting 2 but for that price Iwant to do what the dealer says. Ive never had what I would call agood pushmower.Not even my piece of crap snapper commercial 21. It mowed great but something was always wrong with it .
  2. lawnpro724

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    Yes they do a great job mulching as long as the grass isn't to long. I have several of the Toro Proline 21" self propelled w/BBC and they are great mowers although a little expensive but they will last you a long time. I would say from my experience with to go ahead and buy them, you won't be sorry you did.
  3. desert rose gardening

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    Yes it does, I use the "Atomic" blade made from Toro for mulching, I had to order it from my dealer.
  4. Turf Dawg

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    I have run Snapper, Honda and Toro 21s. I would say the Toro is the best mulcher. If you still do about 40% bagging I would go with Honda. Also my dealer showed me a Toro that he calls a mid range. It is built simalar to the proline but has a briggs motor and plastic wheels. He said of couple people tried them for back ups and love them for the price[485.00].
  5. metro36

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    My toro 21" does well in both mulching and bagging. I have toros muchling blades on it.
  6. Roger

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    Whew, what a range of opinions! The original question may not have much for a useful answer.

    I have a Toro 21" Proline, 5.5hp Sizuki. And, I have a LawnBoy 21" DuraForce, 2 cycle, with side bagger. I am in SW PA, cool weather grasses, heavy growth in April, May, and part of June. Also, could be heavy growth in September. Mid-October to end of November is leaf cleanup time.

    The Toro is a much better piece of equipment. It is better built for longer life, and the Sizuki engine is a great engine (no longer offered, however). But, in heavy bagging, it is a very poor mower. In fact, the reason I have the LB is a replacement for the Toro in Spring growth conditions. The frustration of so much trouble bagging drove me to buy another mower, when the Toro was still (and still is) in great shape, fit for much more work. The mulching capability is not very good. I bought the Atomic blade, and it was a joke. The quality of mulching work was not any better than the OEM blade, but the quality of cut was totally unacceptable. It left so many stringers and such a rough cut. The blade has very little lift, and it showed in the quality of cut, and the low lift characteristic meant it was worthless as a bagger blade. However, the Atomic blade does do a good job for Fall leaf mulching -- no lift needed, quality of cut of the turf is unimportant, and the mulching fuction of the Atomic blade works pretty well.

    The LawnBoy is much lighter, about 80 pounds, compared to about 105 pounds. That is very important for us in our terrain.

    For me, the Toro is an enigma. It is such a great machine as a piece of equipment -- holds up very well (we used it for about 800-1000 hours before putting is as a secondary machine), the engine is superb. But, as a bagger, about 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 as a mulcher. I see it every day and wish I could use it, but it keeps its role of 30 minutes of use per week (LB gets more than 30 hours/week). After running the LB with the side bagger, side by side, there is no comparison. The LB side bagger is very, very capable in tough conditions. No, the bags don't hold as much, but the cloth bags are far easier to handle when empty (we use four bags and can easily carry three empty when leaving the trailer). The boxy nature, the rigid frame of the Toro bag is more difficult to handle, and empty.

    I know some earlier posts speak glowingly about the Toro, but my experience is mixed. I certainly would not buy another one.

    Oh yes, why would any designer put the gear shift lever is such an incovenient place? It is easier to reach with the mulching plug in place, but with the bag, ... not quick and easy.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Wish I had read that post sometime in the 80's LOL.....

    I feel the same as you on the mulching ability of the Toro's. Most everyone else but a select few disagree with us. I think it might depend on what your local turf conditions are, and possibly rather or not the mower is equipped with the BBC.

    I even sometimes wonder if it's that we have the 2 cycle and some of them have 4 strokes (honda's/kawi's). But I love the Suzuki engine for sure anyways.

    As for bagging, with everything out of the deck it does pretty well. It just fills really quick and it's a little annoying when it's time to dump because stuff falls. But me, I want nothing to do with bagging truth be told, and no better than it mulches for me, well....

    The engine, trans and deck last forever (except at the adjusters).

    But I wish I had read your post in the 80's because I can't keep a 4 stroke long. I'll use them where I shouldn't and starve them for oil sooner or later. So I've just used Toro and slaughtered various 4 strokes I've tried instead of them. The reason for Toro was the Suzuki and the BBC. We had Lawnboy around, but never access to their commercial line. Just the homeowner stuff. I thought the lower grade was pretty darn good and when I really needed to know it, I didn't even know a commercial lawnboy with a bagger even existed.

    Had I known they were that good, I would have tried them immediately!!!!

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