Does a sulky or velke really increase productivity?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bwanderson79, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. echo

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    I run the Velke x2 and IMO the tires provide some cushion but can't imagine being better than a stander. Rough terrain can be bumpy. I did see a velke/sulky with suspension somewhere on the site. Looked nice. Not sure of rebuild capabilities or longevity. Also didn't research whether or not it chains up or disconnects easily like the x2. Very hilly terrain or extremely small yard I chain it up or disconnect it. Takes about 10 seconds.
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  2. GrassGuerilla

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    Typical 2-wheel sulky runs about 20psi, typical single wheel about 50psi. Typical stander about 12psi. Lower psi = less shock. Single wheels you feel every crevice. Doubles slightly less. Riders win hands down.

    Might jar your back more, but its the knees that take a beating.
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  3. Groomer

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    85 typically sized, neighborhood residentials like this.
    This property has a pond and borders a golf course, can't use a ZTR here, trust me, I tried, just too wet most of the season.

    fine pix 001.jpg
  4. Snapper Jack

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    been walking behind a WB for 10 plus years and have yet to develop any back pain issues, inner organs being thrown around like jello or spinal issues. I usually gain about ten plus pounds during the winter months,come spring I work it off by walking:walking::walking:
  5. echo

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    Nice. So you walk and/or ride?
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  6. ron mexico75

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    Off topic I know, but I'd like to compliment you on that turf. Nice cut and nice appearance in general.

    Do you treat it too or just cut?
  7. Groomer

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    Went back to all walk a few years back.
    Tried a ZT for a few seasons-but came to realize with the type of properties I service, it just wasn't right for me. Steep banks, terraced fronts and tricky spots seem to be my I can put 3 48" turf tracers on my trailer when needed.
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  8. Groomer

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    Thanks, that lawn is treated by a friend who has a fert biz-he takes care of a lot of my clients and we network with business.

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