Does a ztr really pay for itself in time saved vs. a 36 inch midsize

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bustutah, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. kilgoja

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    you must cut small yards lol....most yards i cut are 1/2 acre or so....would take 1hr or maybe 1 1/2 hrs to cut with a walk behind....takes about 30-45min with a ztr 48" or a 54"...about half the time plus i don't think i could hold up walking that much all day all week long...i'd be tired out after 1 or 2 yards lol...i do enough walking doing the trimming and blowing already haha.....most yards i do take about 30min with a ztr then about 15-25min of trimming and about 5-10min with the blower and i'm done in 45min-1hr depending on the yard and make $50...if i used walk behind it would take 2hrs and i'd not make any more the main thing is time savings.... they do cost alot more but i think it's worth it
  2. bustutah

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    thanks for the input fellow lco's. I think the ztr is not for me. I might compromise with the wright stander. I was put off by the weight of that mower. I'll do some searching on older posts for that opinion.
    If anyone else has some hard numbers after switching to a ztr i'd love to hear em. Peace out.
  3. jaybow

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    Oh yeah, your right about the back issues also. My Exmark Lazer I just sold was hurting my back. I just sold it and im switching back to all walk behinds myself this year myself. This will be my first year using a sulky. Im thinking of getting the 2 wheeled caster style. What do you use?
  4. ShooterK2

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    I use a Velke x2. It works well, however, since it is the only one I have ever used, I would like to play around with a caster-style, and possibly even a slider.

    If you walk every yard, you'll definitely be tired at the end of the day, and you won't get as much done. But if you use a sulky, and get good at it, you can get your productivity down to be almost on par with a a ZTR of the same size deck, and you'll do a lot less damage to the turf. I only walk it in tight areas, where I know I'll be reversing a lot.

    Also, as someone mentioned earlier, any mower that you stand on is easier to get off of to pick up trash, move a sprinkler, etc, as opposed to a mower that you sit on.
  5. bustutah

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    I use a 1 wheel velke behind my 36. It is nice to have unfortunately I have found it only saves me about 2 min a yard. Example 45 min to 43 min. That is after I really learned how to use it. Make sure you can easily hang it up on the mower to unload it off your trailer.
  6. turfbuilder

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    Try or demo a Wright and I guarantee you will never walk again! As far as collection system goes the grass gobler works quite well although you don't have the capacity as other catchers. We only use them catchers on certain properties for leaf pick up anyway. I will not take a client that wants the grass bagged just not enough money in it unless they are willing to pay.
    A stander is also hundreds of pounds lighter than a sit down ZTR.
  7. ShooterK2

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    I'm not disputing this claim, as I have never researched this subject, but I'm curious as to how this can be. It seems to me that the only thing missing from the stander is the seat, and I know a seat can't weigh THAT much.
  8. sweetz

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    My velke is 2 wheel, that doesn't matter though, it does save ME quite a bit of time & exhaustion by not making me walk 20 miles a day.:drinkup:
  9. BadRancher

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    Common ground. I think we can all agree that a ZTR or a WB with a sulky is better than walking all day!
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  10. khutch

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    A WB with a ProSlide is a step up...No flats, no ruts, no hanging the dang thang up!

    Not a fast as a ZTR, but it does have it's advantages.

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