Does ABT have a new competitor in the zoning game?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Apr 30, 2013.

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    I received a product catalog from one of my local dist. One of the projects Unique is now marketing is a wireless scene control device called "light logic".

    I couldn't find anything on the web about it however. The way it is described, it sounds a little bit like Hunters new transformer and ABT's zoning capability. quote "Up to 250 different transformers or devices for each control scene".

    Has anyone else heard about this? It would be awesome if someone designed a retrofit LED with decoders built in that you could control and program each fixture from a hand held device. Decoders nowadays are simple devices with an on/off function, but couldn't they be tweaked to manage the flow of electricity to a device also, ie. dimming? I am sure that will come down the road. It seems like our clients are asking for more sophisticated controls as the popularity of outdoor lighting grows.

    Just wondering if anyone else has heard about this product from Unique.

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    I have not heard of that one, but I can tell you that there are a lot of control options in the tubes from different sources. Controls are the new frontier for outdoor lighting and the market will change quickly over the next year+.

    I have talked to a few people at F/X about licensing their Luxor tech... but they don't seem too eager to go that route. This is often the case with privately held corp's and proprietary technology, unfortunately it is short sighted and flies in the face of the current (and sustaining) culture of open source tech.

    Watch for some big leaps forward in control technology soon. Our challenge of course will be separating the VHS from the Betamax, so to speak.
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    Unique has a full-page ad for Light Logic in the April 2013 issue of "Landscape Contractor" magazine. They have a TM with Light Logic so I guess they have the use of the name covered.

    The ad says it retro-fits. I don't understand the one bullet line which says
    "Up to 250 different transformers or devices for each control scene."
    Maybe you smarter guys know what that means.

    Leave it to Unique to not have anything on their website. I was not around when Joey D was on this forum. We could use him now for an explanation of the system.
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    Guess I'll come out of hiding.

    James u were at light fair clearly you missed the unique booth haha.

    Same concept as a upb or x10 appliance module. Just its rf.

    So you install the central control system somewhere onsite. Like a garage. Then wherever your transformers or really anything you can control via a relay you use their module. You setup your "scenes" and on/off times and your good to go.

    Not really an Abt type product as Abt is geared towards homeowners being able to control their system. I would be embarrassed to leave behind the toro irrigation remote/unique brick for homeowner to turn "scenes" on and off.

    Only plus is its an astro setup. I assume the modules mesh or repeat themselves otherwise the range would get pretty limited.

    On a side note cast's fixture controller is also a brick. I'm not sure how a cellphone can be so small but something so simple had to be made so large. I guess you will never loose it.

    Back to unique if they develop a user friendly remote I can see it being a big seller. But the remote is a contractor grade. Something you can drop and kick around the yard.
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    Phil and All,

    The note 250 devices probably refers to a portion of the UPB technology, where one can designate different 'addresses' for transformers. I cannot even picture a site with that many transformers or appliances, but the idea of wireless has its limitations. It appears to me that this is their next step up from piggybacking transformers using relay modules.

    In the past I could get a Nightscaping Dominator wireless with antenna to work over 200ft away from the receiver here in the country, but the same piece would not operate in a small residential backyard in the city where wireless devices abound.

    Field experience and feedback will tell all. Does anyone have a feel for pricing on it?
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    2 minutes late to the game Steve
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    You just type faster than me!

    On a side note, if a UPB system manufacturer could design a 'low-voltage-side' module for lighting transformers, something that can wire into the feed cables from the transformer, what features should it include? I can see weatherproof (SS) cabinet, plug-in like transformer, but what else?
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    The fact that it is RF has me skeptical already. The traditional RF bandwidths that are available for these types of low energy control gizmos are choked full of stuff. From phones to wifi, door openers to alarm systems, and on and on. I have only found a couple of RF remotes (pro-sumer grade) that have worked reliably over any distance beyond 50'. Not saying it cannot be done in RF, just saying that many have tried and failed already.

    Now if they came up with a module that would control each individual fixture/lamp, could be 'retrofit' into any light source, and acted as a repeater to the entire system, and offered selectable on/off addressing AND selectable dimming... then we would have something! :)
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    (Hint)... there are some who are well along the path of developing what I described above.

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