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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Randy II, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Randy II

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    Just wanted to get everyones opinion on the best way to advertise, what have you guys had the best luck with Via Radio, small yard signs that everyone sees, or Newspaper. help me out guys! thanks:usflag:
  2. THC

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    For me, two-colour flyers as inserts in community papers and adbags.
  3. jsw2008

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    It seems to me it all depends on where in the country you are. I personally have the most luck with newspapers, but lots of guys on here say they have no luck with them. I think a combination of several things would work best. Yard signs, flyers, and newspaper ads are all good bets.
  4. kaferhaus

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    Word of mouth and referrals that we ask for.

    Never be shy about asking for a referral! We get our best cutomers that way.

    NOTHING else has worked well. Door hangers IF properly targeted get a few calls per hundred and out of those you get maybe one sale. We used to hang them by the thousands. It did build a customer base but was very expensive (not the hangers but putting them out) I honestly don't think you can put enough of them out by yourself to amount to much.

    We contacted a middle school that was trying to raise money for a band trip or something and offered to "donate" so many cents per hanger. We then "spot checked" the targeted neighborhoods to make sure they were being hung and not tossed in the trash.

    We tried the newspaper, rans ads for months at a time and it might have been a wash... most of the calls were just price motivated which does not lead to long term relationships.

    Radio ads are cost prohibitive. Never checked on TV but I know they are way more expensive than radio and radio was out of the question.

    The neighborhoods we work are mostly upper middle class to "wealthy". While these folks are also price concious their primary concern is quality and dependability.

    Those and commercial (vast majority of our revenue is from commercial accounts) accts are about all we're interested in doing.

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