Does Anbody NOT Have Employee Issues?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by TYTILIDIE, Jul 24, 2012.

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    Yeah man.. have a little compassion. In one hand, you said the guy is a good employee, and you gave him a raise because of his ability. In the other, you are mad at him because of a natural thing that occurs to all of us; temporary illness. You are frustrated, I know.. but even if you get to the job 5 days late.. You still signed a contract, and you are still getting paid. Things happen man.

    You have to remember one key element in all this: These "employees" are real, live, breathing people... I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but you need to remember that. Also, like someone else said, you don't want him getting your other 2 guys sick.. Or showing up to work and hurting himself because he isn't feeling right/thinking clearly, and ending up costing your WC insurance..
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    I should have clarified. The first employee left because of his attitude. The second employee missed 3 days, he worked for us for 10. 3 days in a row with a different excuse every time, the best part is he never used "I'm sick." I know people get illnesses, we had one employee this spring who had to leave because of medical problems. We paid him the time he was out until he was told by his doctor he couldn't return to work. I know what you guys are saying, we allow for five "personal" days which are paid for and our guys can use them however they want.

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    I guess I'm a mean guy. I always worked when I was sick. I have always believed in the 3 days a year thing as well. Plus look at it this way, we spend 60% of the winter months doing NOTHING. I don't have time to be sick and if I do get sick, I don't stay home unless it's absolutely necessary. I was like that LONG before I ever even thought of starting my own company.

    Him missing that day has snowballed in to many other problems. We are now two weeks behind on this job. Oh well screw it, I guess I just wait that much longer to get paid.

    Here is why I don't feel any sympathy for these guys. Mainly it's because I have done it and made it so why can't they? Also, this guy lives in a house that should be condemned, he has a 6 year old son, a wife that doesn't work, he never fails to tell me how he's glad he gets 40 hours because of how bad he needs the money, then he calls in all the time or finds some reason why he can't do something. If my family relied on me like that, I would never screw up anything. I'd bust my ass to get a raise and work harder for the next one. Here is his mentality; get the raise, then I don't have to work as much because I am making more money. Yes, I have heard this come out of his mouth. I asked him, "Don't you want to live a decent life with your family, don't you want to move in to a nicer home, have food all the time"?

    As long as the bills are paid that is all that matters I was told.

    I really don't get on this guy's back a whole lot, I try to be Mr. Nice Guy but it doesn't seem to work well. I figured this would be a good place to vent since I am pretty sure my wife is kind of tired of hearing it.

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    I can stay at home sicm and make no money ...........

    Ican go to work not feeling great and make money.

    Not tdying to sound like a d@#k but the last day of scheduled work i missed was when my youngest was born, 13 years ago.
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    Sounds like you're getting too involved in the lives of your employees. The relationship is simple: It's your responsibility to find the work and make sure paychecks don't bounce. It's their job to show up on time and work safely. Period.
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    I can see where he's coming from. have you ever seen some of my posts.

    I own my own solo business. I'm only interested in making enough money to cover necessary expenses in life. forget about busting my ass to have big screen tvs, iPads, large homes with pools, etc.
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    Yes, but you live comfortably. I used to hate living paycheck to paycheck when I was younger. I don't have any of the things you mentioned, I bust my can so my wife doesn't have to work 40 hours, my kids are well off and I can pay my bills. Call me greedy, but I want my kids to have things they want, including a good paying job with this company if they choose. I've never been one to skate by when it comes to providing for my family.
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    I only live comfortable because I don't purchase things like big screen tvs or iPads. if it weren't for receiving what I do have as gifts I wouldn't have them either.

    I'd have to work ALOT harder if I wanted to do more than pay the bills. I work to bring in just enough money to cover normal living expenses (needs) with a little left over for a rainy day.
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    So you cap yourself at 40 hours or a certain dollar amount of revenue each week? You mentioned ipads twice. I dont own one yet but thats a matter of choice. Its only a couple hundred bucks, wouldn't you like the ability to own one or would you rather turn a job down and sit on the couch? If a job is too profitable do you skip it? I try and work more profitable jobs/hours rather than lowering prices to fill the schedule. Just trying to grasp your point of view.
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    With all these employee heartaches laid out here, I'm oh so glad to be a one-man-band. I have a friend with two employees & over the weekend they did a $300 moving side-job then called in sick on Monday. I guess "cash in hand means you're now rich".
    Personally, I'm not looking to Go Bananas just for a little title: Employer.

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