Does Anbody NOT Have Employee Issues?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by TYTILIDIE, Jul 24, 2012.

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    all that sounds good to me.

    I just can't see forcing an employee to take 2 extra days off when they only want the one day or want to go home early.

    I don't have employees but if I ever do the one thing I plan on keeping in mind is its not there business and there not going to be as dedicated to it as I am. so just because I would be willing to work when I'm sick, I can't expect an employee to.

    honestly I am solo and even I don't work when I'm too sick. the work just has to wait and if the clients aren't willing to accept that then they are welcome to find someone else as far as I'm concerned. I even take days off when the heat is too excessive. I'll put in half a day if I can beat the heat then call it quits once it gets up there.

    there is no point killing yourself to make a buck and I wouldn't expect anyone else to kill themselves working for me. your sick, take the day off and come back the next day. you NEED more than a day, go see a doctor and bring me a note. but forcing days off to discourage employees from calling in sick or leaving early sick is garbage in my opinion.
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    loThe whole 2 days no work penalty might sound bold but I watch my lawn care friends nearly cry when the rain & storms get them behind so it's not very believable besides it doesn't sound like great management skills in picking help to begin with. Most of the time lawn guys can't afford to pay a good rate so they get the type that still lives to home etc. Hire someone with a good head on their shoulders & ya better have some good monetary incentive to keep them on. The problem is here locally the lawn guys are still charging $40-$50/month which is what I was getting 15 years ago & most are still paying the same labor rates. In topdressing while working a full time job I'd on average have 4-5 jobs booked on my days off which was 25-35 cubic yards of compost to spread. Its hot work & I paid out $125-$150 for each guy. In short, if you want cheap help, that's exactly what you'll get. Many times my occasional help circulates between myself & 2 tree services. Have a lot of work booked, make sure you put your request in early to get him. Long day or short, its up to you, either way he's $125/day,he always arrives a little early & stays until the job is done & doesn't have to be told what to do. What more could you ask for? Unfortunately some salary guys expect their help to just hang out with them afterward. Sorry for the rant.
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    $40 to $50 a month? you HAVE to be joking. even my cheapest clients are double that a month.

    I'm bringing in at least $140 a month from most clients.

    what a great incentive 2 day no work punishment for calling in sick.
  4. jrs.landscaping

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    I agree the 2 day rule is excessive but I understand where it comes from. Some guys are "sick" because it's Friday or because they stayed up playing video games until 1 AM. As far as telling customers "I can't show up, I need my beauty sleep," that will never happen, I make it work. Some companies are under contract to show up once a week no matter what. Would you tell a 15k dollar a year customer that you'll just catch up next week? Also I never ask someone to do something I won't do myself. If they're trimming a mile of ditchline in 100 degree heat.... I'm right there beside them. I don't ask much, show up, do your job, and we'll all go home with more money than we this morning :cool2:
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    it's agreed you need to do something about the ones that are always sick but there are good employees out there and when there sick, there sick. for them to receive a penalty just because of the others is unfair.

    treat ALL employees the same and if fire the ones who aren't inline with the rest.

    if I ever have employees I'm not gonna be messing around with pentalitys for this or that. you screw up, your gone. I'm to busy to be babysitting.
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    If the employee earned his raise then it is his. I can imagine how calling in sick affects the whole day (I am solo, but have worked on other places where one person being absent meant more work/stress for the others), but I believe it is the responsibility of the boss to plan ahead for this. A 2-man(or bigger) operation shouldn't be overworked so much that 1-2 days of sick leave messes up the schedule for 1+ week. We are all humans and there are situations or dates we just can't miss, work will always be there, but we sure won't.

    When I had a job I was never absent even if I was sick because I needed the money and wanted to make the company more successful (and in the process earn a raise or two), but all my bosses were tightasses that didn't value hard work so I packed and left. So the problem is that most jobs rarely promote inspiring the workers, you are just another number and as long as the employer can make profit off of you then it's good (the more profit at the least expense the better). This in turn makes it worse for the ones that do value hard work because the worker hasn't been treated in a way that makes him/her feel valued and sees the job for just a source of income that can be easily replaced.

    I'm sure fresh out of high school 18 yr olds won't have a strong work ethic because they just aren't used to working. Combine this with most jobs out there and the situation doesn't help the new workers appreciation for the job or any job after the first one. Remember, first impressions can only be had once and may shape your entire view of the subject even if it is the wrong view. If this is not a regular thing, cut the employee some slack. If this is a regular thing then it may be time for a little talk and you may want to begin looking for future prospects.
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    Im not 100% if I intend to implement the "2day rule". Just to be clear, it was 2 total days. They take one, I give one

    There are 3 types of sickness. 1. I'm sick, im contagious
    2 I'm sick because I was out all night. 3. I'm sick, I'm not contagious, which means I don't feel well or have a tummy ace

    1.I can't tell you how many times 1 crew member got another sick from riding around in the truck. If its a real sickness, my thoughts are I don't want you getting the other 2 guys sick thus creating a bigger problem. Also think about it in this sences, once a worker calls in, most likely your going to fall slightly behind schedule, do you also want to relie on him for the next day when it could be 50/50 that he is feeling better? Personally I would rather just plan to use someone else that I have 100% confidence will show up. This can be planned on day 1 so you don't wake up on day two with the same issue

    2. Those guys that are sick from from the night before - in our line of work, we are all over worked, under paid, on over time. Their mentality is they are " sick" and also tired from working hard, " fudge it, call in". 1 day off doesn't hurt the pay check too badly, but having the day off is really great so they can relax around the home and get better. Well you give them that 2nd day off, my thoughts anyway, is that they got better, but missing the 2 days on their paycheck it will suddenly dawn on them their check is short $300 because they choose to go get drunk.

    3. The temporary sickness, here's where the two day rules is a little unfair to a good employee. Yes sometimes stomachs hurt, or you have back pain, but how often does that happen, and hurt all day long to where you couldn't come in later in the day? Or just suck it up?

    We only get 8 months to earn a 12 month income. Paying my bills is reliant on that we work all 8 months and not 7.2
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  8. yardguy28

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    in my opinion you should set yourself up financially so you could afford to miss a whole year of work. then if you only work 7.2 months your not out much.
  9. jrs.landscaping

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    What do you tell your employees at that point?
  10. yardguy28

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    if I had employees my responsibility is not how they manage there money and pay there bills.

    if the work is there and they call in sick missing pay days that's there fault. my responsibility is to make a profit at whatever means necessary from year to year so I can keep up the ability to not need cash flowing to me for a whole year.

    in my opinion and eyes an employers responsibility is only to pay employees for hours worked when there are hours to be worked and assure they work them in as safe an environment as possible.

    it's not an employers responsibility nor concern as to whether the employees have enough money to pay there bills every year.

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