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Does any have a Fast trak 54''


LawnSite Member
I was wondering if anyone had a fast trak 54'' 23hp that they use for commerical use? Does it stand up well to the commerical use? I was considering getting one since the money is kinda tight right now and then next year I will be trading it in on a hustler super z. Could I get any Info back?


LawnSite Member
30286 georgia
one of my friends cut's 12 lawns with his been using the same mower for over 2 years, no problems as of yet,, he run it wide open all the time,, boy is that thing fast,, he can cut 1 acre in 30 mins 20 min on edgeing and blowing and clean up 50 min, 35 dollars in less than a hour,,, not bad huh !!!!