Does anybody have a hedge trimmer???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tiedeman, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. tiedeman

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    Ok, so I only have one hedge trimmer, really no need to have another one. But the past week we have been working on two major pruning projects. The last week we have been having problem with my one. I did everything to it to make it run, change the spark plug, change fuel filter, clean air filter, clean exhaust, changed ratio of mix from 50:1 to 60:1. Still nothing. So I finally took it to my dealer today, which he thinks that it is just clogged up inside and told me that he wil take care of it and get it back to me on Friday.

    So after being upset at that particular brand I left it there and decided that I am going to go out and get me a Stihl hedge trimmer from the one dealer just south of me (there is a Stihl dealer in my city, but nobody deals with him because....lets say he is not nice).

    So I arrive at the dealer south of me, no hedge trimmers in stock but they can get one in on Friday (but I need it for tomorrow, Thursday). So decided to strap up my boots and go to the dealer in my city. Went inside, and looked around, no hedge trimmers in stock. I asked him, "where are the hedge trimmers?"

    He told me there are none in stock and he doesn't know when they are going to be coming in (good salesman approach).

    So I have found out that the dealers really stink in this area and they never have anything in stock. I had the cash in my hand, but no place to blow it disappointing that I went home empty handed.
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    Sorry to hear that tied...............
    I don't quite understand why dealers don't have merchandise in stock to sell..........It's not as if it's a ten thousand dollar piece............Our stihl dealer is pretty well stocked and a decent guy to deal with. I just got to see him today(ordered some extra spark arrestor screens to change out in the field)..........LOL!
    Gonna spend a bit next week.................
    I really like stihl's equipment,they've got me hooked.
  3. im lucky my dealer stocks the largest inventory of stihl stuff in the whole midwest.
  4. tiedeman

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    you are a lucky man:)
  5. fga

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    does i thave to be a stihl? Home depot carries the echo 1500 double edged trimmer for abot $200. there was a thread on it recently, and everyone loved it. mine is 6 years old and performs like new still. there's a Home depot on every corner. just an option.
  6. tiedeman

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    I am afraid to jump into a brand that I have never used before. The last time I jumped into a new brand, last year (Solo), I got screwed big time.
  7. dcondon

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    I'm sure you can use ours till Friday Troy, let me know or give me a call.
  8. fga

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    i understand. but it can't hurt to take a look at it if you're in a jam, and nobody there is stocked or willing to help ya. I was trying to find that thread and can't. it was recent though, the last few weeks. it looks like this though ....
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    I can get you one if you like. I have a friend that owns a company called Michigan Saw & Tool. She can give you a better price than you'd find anywhere else. I'm sure the UPS wouldn't be that much on it. Let me know if you would like to set something up like that. PM me if you like, and I can give you her name and number.

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