does anybody not do clean ups

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ronnie Greenwood, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Acorn

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    Don't get into underbidding what seems to be a lowballer
  2. Runner

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    If this guy has some mow and blow operation that is too stupid to see the whole aspect of the business, then that is THEIR problem. So often, I will see a service come in, and mow for x amount, and walk away and leave 3 times that sitting on the table. JUMP on it! I'd rather go around doing cleanup, than what I would just mowing, anyway. The money is aLOT better.Just price it what it's worth, and you'll see. Same thing with the mulching and stuff like that. If you can upsell this stuff to the customer, DO it! If you can't make more money doing THIS stuff, than what you make mowing, you're doing something wrong, because mowing is the LEAST lucritive of all operations out there. It's just that it's so regular is the advantage. We mow, merely for the foot in the door for other services. ;)
  3. Navig8r

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    Didn't make myself clear......

    Not lookin to Lowball........ :nono:
    or beat this guys bid...... just hoping he'll decide to have me do it if he likes my work..........He did tell me that every year the "other guy" says he may not be able to keep providing service to him because he's "a little far outside his normal work area"....... but tells me the guy's normal area supposedly is in town only about 5 miles up the road...... I think current LCO is politely tryin to dump this guy due to low price... been mowing it for a long time, maybe feels bad to go w/drastic price increase, or dump him...... so try to get him to call someone else........ just a guess......
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    Be careful telling what you get per hour. Some customers will time you and browbeat you about it. THey don't see the time to dump after the job is done, etc,etc.

    Also if your telling them hourly rates make sure they know if it is per man hour or crew hour.

    I had experience in selling tree pruning and hourly rate quotes never worked. I learned to price the whole job take it or leave it. I would figure man hours and X the rate and then quote the total dollars. If the crew did it in less time then I figured, we did NOT lower the price because the customer already agreed that the price was acceptable. We were just highly profitable on that job

    Just a thought.payup
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    That is one bad thing about quoting hourly prices, if they look out the window and see you leaning on your fender taking a drink for a minute, they start asking questions. Let aLONE if you have a CREW that are human beings that require water, also.

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