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Does Anyone buy Great Danes ?


LawnSite Member
On the forums I dont hear much good about them. I know of a few residentials that have them for large yards and two commercial mowers that have them. They all have nothing but praise for them.


LawnSite Fanatic
st pete, FL
I had one at one time. It is the worst built mower in my opinion. Parts availability was a nightmare. I would never ever buy one again.


LawnSite Bronze Member
New Jersey
I've had several. The machines have always been good but dealer support and parts availability was a nightmare. Lesco now sells them and Auburn cons. bought the company. I hear things have gotten a lot better.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I know 2 guys who have them and love them. One is about a year old, and when his Z goes, he will buy another Dane stander to replace. The other guy's is about 12 years old with 4500 hours on it


LawnSite Member
sydney australai
I had a 52" chariot for the last 7 years no probs at all. Thought it was about time to get a new one, looked at JD's and Tanks and thought how could i buy anything but a Dane given that it had zero problems over the seven years i had it. Funny that this forum has me questioning my own experience with the Great Dane, maybe I was just lucky. I have learnt that here in Australia once you have purchased you can expect very little support from dealers, regardless of brand, and unless it is a major cost warranty repair I tend to stay away from them and fix things myself. Saves me a lot of time and grief waiting for them to fix and wondering why they didn't do it properly when they eventually do.

Anyway I am impressed with my new Great Dane Brutus, a very comfortable machine with an excellent cut.