Does anyone call a underground utility locator for bededging?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kirkmbrown2001, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. kirkmbrown2001

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    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if any of you have to contact an underground utility locator for bed edging. Now I know that bed edging shouldn't be anywhere close to the depth of 3-4" (the depth my bed edger goes) but do you still call them to cover your butt. I would be worried about cutting a lady's low voltage landscape lighting wires, she says i'm responsible even though I asked her if she had any before hand, take me to court, and they rip me for not calling an underground utility locator. I know each state's laws are different but I live in PA and PA one call's website says it is the law to contact them if you are going to do any EXCAVATING. Would bed edging fall under excavating?? BTW, it is $100/yr to have them locate utility lines for businesses, but FREE for homeowners.

    Your thoughts below:
  2. cpllawncare

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    Pretty sure edging doesn't fall under excavation, but if you do cut her wires you have insurance right?
  3. wbw

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    YOur post is hard to follow but I think you are saying that you cust her low voltage wire and rather than fix it and satisfy her you refused and she took you to court. Is that correct?

    In the future specify that the homeowner is to call and request the inspection or pony up the $100
  4. kirkmbrown2001

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    I do have insurance.

    The scenario that I stated above hasn't happened, YET! It was a hypothetical situation. I ALWAYS ask my customers PRIOR to bed edging if they have low voltage lighting but the question is, is bededging "excavating"? I just want to avoid any future legal trouble since it is a HUUUGE fine!!
  5. wbw

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    It is not excavating.
  6. Roger

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    I'm doubting the locator service includes low-voltage wires. I think 1-CALL will deal with water lines, gas lines, cable, electrical. Beyond that, I think you are on your own.

    Do not presume all these utilities will be below typical edging work. I've seen too many cable TV lines cut, when doing edging, lines that most would presume they would be further down. Also, I have cut irrigation lines. When installing, they were only put down a couple of inches. The edger just sliced right through the top of the plastic pipe. No locator service will spot these lines either.
  7. nepatsfan

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    we have cut dog fences, lighting, irrigation lines etc. I usually just fix them and tell the guys to be more careful. It actually happens fairly frequently. I am a stickler for deep edges. We never call and never have issues with customers because I fix them immediately.
  8. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I've cut a wire or two in my day.
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  9. cgaengineer

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    I do. The way the utility companies bury cables 2" around here it's common to hit them.
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  10. bigw

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    I got news for you in PA Verizon only goes 2-3 inches below ground so yes you better make a PA one call before you do any edging!

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